Moldy Oldies: MEOW!

Still not 100% set-up on the new computer–bear with me folks. This piece isn’t terribly old, but it isn’t terribly recent either:

Drawn for a friend who was obsessed with her neighbor’s cat.

To Infinity and (Batman) Beyond!

AKA Terry McGinnis:

click above for larger view

Pencil, pen, and marker. You can kind of tell that I started this drawing at the top and lost momentum as I reached the bottom. Oh well, I’m still happy with how the head and neck turned out. I definitely need to do more drawings with heavily inked shadows.

Unseasonably Ghoulish

Sigh. Computers.

Almost there with setting up the new computer, but I’m not yet quite able to do my normal computer coloring thang. Which is why you get this seemingly random piece today:

I had some surplus of holiday spirit left after last Halloween, so I whipped up this pen sketch and slapped some marker colors on it. In theory I would have saved this for October of this year, but I am tired and defeated after dealing with my computer situation for the past week and a half. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!


The Waiting Game

I’m autoposting another sloppy blog from the work computer, while I grow old waiting for my new one to arrive.

Actually, I am full of lies. First of all, I’m more like a big impatient baby than an old man. And second, I could only grow such a long Rip Van Winkle-esque beard in my wildest dreams! New computer should be here soon-ish, and “real” posting will resume.

Alas poor Computros, we hardly knew ye!

I am in the process of redirecting all of my old blogs to my new hosting. Images from this year are already redirected; images older than 2010 are online for the moment, but soon will be offline momentarily while I work behind the scenes. I’ll keep you posted, because I know you’re all dying to look at ancient ultra-nerdy drawings that I’ve done.

Naturally, just as soon as I set up new web-hosting and started to get things in order, my computer AKA Computros, succumbed to enough malware to put it on its deathbed.

Computros has been struggling for sometime, and I knew that I would have to find an upgrade sooner or later, I just didn’t think it would happen like this. I always thought we would have more time. This sketchblog would not be possible without my silent comrade-in-arms… Computros will be sorely missed.

My new computer will be arriving next week. I do not yet know its name. It will be my new ally in sketchbloggery. It might be faster, and have more RAM, and more storage. But Computros can never be replaced, only succeeded.


This blog is being posted hastily from my work computer after hours–please humor my sloppy posts while I get the new computer set up.

Robotech Tuesdays: Max Sterling

Quick note before I get to today’s post… I’m going to be changing my web hosting soon, so any art that’s older than, um, last week, might be offline for a bit while I transfer things over. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey kids, look: it’s ace Veritech pilot Max Sterling!


[EDITTT: There we go, all fixed... for now!]

Apparently I’m having problems with my web storage, which is why most of the images on this blog are red X‘s. Looks like involuntary renovations are in order.

I’m looking into the problem (and cursing)–in the meantime, should you have a burning desire to look at any of my previous art, feel free to check out my Deviant Art page.

Gallifrey Fridays: Davros

Two things… First, I don’t know whether or not “Gallifrey Fridays” is going to be an ongoing thing or not–this was kind of an impulse piece (though there certainly are other Doctor Who characters that I’m interested in drawing). Second, is Gallifrey the wussiest sounding fantasy/sci-fi name you’ve ever heard or what?

Here’s Davros, father of the Dalek race:

BTW, Davros looks how I feel. Thanks to crushing sinus pain!!! Sorry I keep talking about my crushing sinus pain, but, y’know… it’s crushing and painful… for my sinuses. And my face. And also my soul.