The H-Word

I think I’m out of vague teasers for the moment, so let’s see if I can get back to the regular nerdy fare for the moment, yes?

I wanted to do something quick, fun, and 100% digital, so here’s a super deformed Hellboy done in less than two hours (my sloth-like idea of “quick”):

Please forgive any inaccuracies–I drew this without looking up any reference.

Vague 4Ever!

He looks a bit gruff, but actually the service is superb:

I promise that these vague updates will not last forever! At some point this blog will have super nerdy fan-art again! Or possibly full-blown reveals rather than vague previews and teasers! And continued exclamations!!! Please humor this temporary lull folks! See you on Friday! Bye!!!

3 Vague 3 Squirrelous

Um, I should probably explain something… these posts aren’t necessarily building up to a big, immediate reveal. After I’m done with it, there will probably be a bit of a delay before I can actually post it here. Err… until then, enjoy these cryptic glimpses?


I’m a delight, I swear!

If you talk to my close friends, it’s pretty well understood that I prefer a stern talking-to over a kind word. And unfortunately for my friends, I give what I wish to receive. I made this hand-drawn card for a dear friend (link unavailable) who’s going away for a few months:

click above for larger view

It’ll be like I’m right there the whole time, nagging away!


In regards to my previous blog post, the weekend was a success. Fun (Pokemon), and productivity (drawing/coloring) were had.

I’m working on something, and this is all I’m willing to show for now. I’m not trying to be a tease–I just don’t have anything else to post! Stay tuned.

For those of you keeping track at home…

… I’ve finally returned to my task of fixing dead image links in blog entries from 2009 and older. I went back as far as April 2008, so anything older is still full of dead image links. I’ll try and fix the rest ASAP! Please bear with me.

Your BFF,