Pokeballs To The Wall

Been a looong week (note extra O’s), so I’m about to give myself a little break and get started on my copy of Pokemon White. Before I go, here’s a little something I drew in Sketchbook Pro on my new iPad 2, with a capacitive stylus from Boxwave:

This is rather primitive, but it was fun to draw. I will be posting the progress of art that I produce on my iPad over the next few weeks and months, and I might even write up a super boring post detailing my thoughts on the device. But for now.. TEPIG, I CHOOSE YOU!

Have a good weekend, and please donate to Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief in any way that you can. Here are a few ways:
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Bang Your Head

Heh… heheh…

Been a little busy, working on stuff not yet ready to share, and I found myself banging my head against the wall trying to figure something out. I figured it out though! Will share progress as soon as possible (which won’t necessarily be all that soon). Love, Me.

G.I. Ginger

In a bit of a time crunch this week–here’s something I drew while the blog was on hiatus:

click above for larger view

In the interest of full disclosure: the gun was loosely photo-traced for the sake of pseudo-accuracy–that’s not a technique that I typically employ. And for those who are interested in such things–it’s a Heckler and Koch UMP 45. And lastly, I will end this post with… an awkward sentence… thing… like so.