Gorn This Way

I watched through all three seasons of Star Trek (The Original Series) while I was working on commissions last summer. Of course, if you were following me on Twitter, you would have known that, and you would have been witness to all the super hilarious (and hyper astute) observations that I made during my viewing.

Anyways, the point is that my brain really shifted into a Star Trek kind of mode, and I would occasionally take a break from commissions and draw something Trekish. For example, I re-imagined what the Gorn captain from the episode “Arena” might have looked like, if he was dressed a bit less like a go-go girl:

This Gorn, as I have depicted him, is a big-time Gorn patriot. The emblems on his wrist bracers are from the Gorn Hegemony, the symbol tattooed on his shoulder is from the Gorn Confederation (Starfleet Command, Interplay), and his triangular belt buckle is a reference to the Gorn Empire (Starfleet Games). What I’m saying is, this guy is really draping himself in the Gorn flag(s). There was actually one more Gorn symbol that I found during my research, but I just thought it was too fussy, so I didn’t use it.

I realize that my use of the various Gorn symbols probably conflicts with canon of the Star Trek universe on multiple levels. I’m a rebel like that.

Miscellaneous rejected titles for this post: The Gorn Identity, Gorn to be Wild, Gorn in the USA.

MODULOK WEEK (Part 2 of 2)

As promised, here is my take on the toy version of Modulok:

click above for larger view

I added some Horde-emblem armbands to Modulok, but colored them in white rather than the standard red, since Modulok already has plenty of red going on. Also, I envision Modulok as being loyal to Hordak, so the emblems are also a subtle cue that Hordak is beginning to build a faction of loyalists to rebel against his elder brother Horde Prime.

The Modulok toy came with two heads, so I couldn’t resist creating yet another version of the character, utilizing what I always thought of as the alternate head:

click above for larger view

This guy is supposed to have a leaner build than your average Masters of the Universe character–think of a luchador or a cruiserweight wrestler. This calls for a little nerdy character bio, am I right? I’M RIGHT!

* * *

PROFILE: Silent, and relatively small in stature, MODUOS hardly appears threatening. However, when his master and clone-father Modulok is threatened, Moduos explodes into action, demonstrating his mastery of exotic grappling maneuvers and acrobatic striking techniques.

When creating him, Modulok tampered with the development of Moduos’s brain, resulting in Moduos being a machine-like drone. Moduos is not protective of his master–he is simply programmed to react. However, what Modulok has failed to understand is that Moduos is gradually developing a higher awareness and has begun to silently observe and question the world around him.

HISTORY: The cruel and brilliant scientist Modulok originated from a planet that has been enslaved by the Tyranid swarms for thousands of years. He escaped from the rule of the Tyranid, and travelled light years away where he encountered Hordak and the forces of the Horde. These two disdainful and evil beings clashed, but each quickly found himself respecting the other. Hordak appointed Modulok as his lead scientist, and Modulok shared stolen Tyranid technology with Hordak, as well as warning him of the creeping Tyranid fleet.

Hordak correctly assessed the Tyranid as a serious threat, in spite of their long distance from Horde territory. He attempted to inform his brother and leader, Horde Prime, but was dismissed out of hand. The seed of discord was planted in Hordak’s heart, and ever since that precise moment, Hordak has grown increasingly malcontent with his brother’s leadership. Modulok has used this to his advantage over the years, manipulating Hordak in the hopes of pitting the Horde against the Tyranid.

Behind Horde Prime’s back, Hordak and Modulok have formulated a plan for Modulok to infiltrate Tyranid-Space with a small force of elite Horde agents, with the goal of gathering intelligence and carrying out high risk sabotage missions and terrorist attacks. Ultimately trusting no one but himself, Modulok created a clone offspring to be his bodyguard for this extended mission–and thus was Moduos born.

* * *

Yeah, that’s right, I included a little incidental Warhammer 40K crossover action in that bio. So what?

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MODULOK WEEK (Part 1 of 2)

Hey look, I drew a thing from He-Man! Remember when I used to do that all the time?

click above for larger view

Today’s subject is Galen Nycroft, better known as the cartoon version of Modulok. Of course, in my typical strange manner, I have decided that Galen Nycroft and Modulok should be two different characters. They’re both scientists–Modulok being an alien in the employ of the Horde, and Galen being an Eternian human who mutates himself with a sample of Modulok’s DNA. I’ll post my drawing of the toy version of Modulok on Friday.

Also posted on the He-Man.org fan-art forums. My post is here, the entire thread (including some of my previous sketches) is here.

Leftover Commissions! Spoilers and Repeats…

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I had two requests for today’s leftover commission:

For a long time, Robin was one of my favorite ongoing comics, so naturally, Stephanie Brown (Robin’s ally and sometimes love interest) became one of my favorite characters. I prefer her as Spoiler, but she’s still fun to draw as Batgirl.

And at no extra cost to you, dear reader, here are some more leftovers, which happen to be repeats of some of the commissions that were not leftovers:


click above for larger view


From left to right:

I have a few more repeat requests in the bank, but I’m saving those for a themed post…


During the course of working on all the Help The Cheerleader character busts, I would occasionally take a break to draw… a character bust? Man, what’s my problem…

At least I had enough sense to switch up the routine by coloring this one digitally. I actually hit a point where I was really craving the feel of working in Photoshop, so this was a good break that helped me stay fresh and ready to get back into working with markers.

I generally prefer Wolverine in his brown costume with larger ears, but recently I’ve become more appreciative of the smaller ears and whiskers that he sported in his first appearance.

Also, even though I was a staunch Wolverine fan long before the Marvel/Capcom games, I can’t ever think of him without thinking of this:

Bite my shiny metal fan-art…

Hey look, I drew a picture of that one robot that bends things, even though I’m not at work!


Before anyone asks–this is strictly fan-art, drawn and colored in my spare time for larfs!

It’s a lot of fun to take something that you draw on an almost-daily basis and put a new spin on it. I included the developmental sketches in the background so you could get an idea of how this drawing came to be.

I was able to bank some art during my time off over the holidays, so hopefully that means regular, timely posting for the next few weeks! See you back here on Friday, meatbags!

JASONBOT.COM starts here!

Please correct your bookmarks and readers as necessary!

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Greetings, Programs!

Welcome to my new blog, now hosted on my very own domain: JASONBOT.COM!

You will find that all of the posts from my old blog have been imported to the new site–however they have not yet been altered, which means that some links are going to redirect you to the old site. My apologies for that! Over the next several weeks (possibly months) I will be working hard to make sure that the links in every single post are updated. I’ll also be overhauling the post tags/categories, and just generally trying to class the joint up. The details aren’t important, just stick around.

For those interested in a little background–I started my old blog on New Year’s Day of 2007, with a goal of posting 2 color sketches a week. I took about 6 months off in the latter half of 2010, however, by my calculations–adjusting for the the intensified posting while I was working on the Help the Cheerleader commissions–I still averaged roughly 2 drawings per week. So, with 5 years in the can on the old blog, it seemed like a good time to begin anew.

Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning, or only just stumbled upon this blog, thank you for reading! I hope you stick around for my nerdy scribblings and my geeky ramblings.

A special thanks to Kevin Church, who I obliquely referred to in my very first blog post, and who very generously worked his magic to create a blog template (for this site) that fit my needs and wants!

Okay, that’s all for now. Regular posting should resume this Tuesday. And off we go!

Happy New Year, you nerds!