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The creator has given you the option to add a blog post image, a small excerpt of the post, and a call to action button to take the user to the corresponding post. You get an email verification template in this example. This email template is perfect for blogs that want to have an email presence with large photographic impact, still showcasing the content. If you are running a floral business, you can use this template as such without any change. Just below the image, you have the room for add texts and survey rating. The source file of this template contains the PSD files and the HTML files so if you are a developer, these resources will come in handy for you. The code script of this template is kept simple, just like its design. Surprise Offer Email Template. If you are a minimalism lover, then this template is the best choice for you. Light stroke texts used in this templates are neat and easy to read. You can use this template for offers and new course launch. 4 Tips for Choosing an Email Template As more people are expecting online services in the restaurant industry it is wise to have a website and online business strategy as well. There are three methods to upload your custom template. If you are looking for something as minimalistic as it gets, Salted is one of the best options … Using simple vector images and flat colors are one of the most used design technique in the modern web design. The most commonly used media types are screen and print, providing different style rules for displays and printers, respectively. The Repo Mail template … More recently, this approach has been brought to the world of HTML email. Email marketing is an evergreen marketing strategy. Kant - Responsive Email for Startups 50+ Section. Sending an event reminder will help the audience to plan their trip easily. As noted in the CSS overview, it’s necessary to inline CSS styles, either by hand or automatically before an email is sent. You have to create the design for your email with a web designer. In MailChimp, you have a special option for course emails, in which you can automate the course material in a particular time interval. This template is designed for the women’s day. Mailchimp Email Templates 1. Spacings between each element are given perfectly, not too spacy nor very conjusted. The first template on the list has … Simple layout designs are also given in the MailChimp so that you can start a template from scratch without any worries. We made a complete list of free education website templates, take a look at it for more student-friendly design. The developer of this template has shared the code directly with us, so you can edit it and add to your MailChimp email template collection. The code used for this template is shared with you directly. Required within 4 hours . In this post, we feature some of the best responsive email newsletter templates you can easily use with MailChimp to create more effective emails to promote your business and products. The developer of this template has shared the code directly with us. your password If you are running a fashion website or lifestyle website, this email template will definitely engage your audience. The use of the latest CSS3 script can be felt from the crisp elements and bright colors. Food Delivery is a mobile app promotional email template. Since it is a seasonal promotional email, you can use the call to action button at the top as well. The only thing this template misses is the contact details and branding elements. Automated account-related emails are always kept as simple as possible to deliver the message clearly to the audience. You not only can edit texts but you also can edit or add multimedia contents like images and videos. Deals and offers are very common among the travel agencies, speaking of which this template is also made for promotional emails. The Stripo is a freemium tool, which has both a free and paid version. All we have to do is to map the call to action buttons to the desired pages and customizations we need. Then, it’s time for you to take advantage of MailChimp, the most user-friendly email marketing platform on the market. A functional design that can easily be adapted for different campaigns and email newsletters. What you get Responsive email templates with different layouts. Merrysale Email templates Compatible with StampReady Builder, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Mailster, HTML and other major email marketing platforms. As this template is designed for existing customers, all the contact details and other links are provided at the footer. Due to this innovative feature, you can embed custom elements, dynamic elements into … The responsive web is largely reliant on media queries to drive that adaptation. Image spaces are given at the center and at the top. Since media query styles work on a trigger and are not default styles, it doesn’t make sense to inline any of it. You can use this template for the welcome message, any new product arrival, and updates. This template gives space for both images and texts in its design so you can create an engaging email, Call to action buttons are given below each product to take the user directly to the corresponding page directly, The big footer section gives you space to add important links, social media profile links, and other contact details. To grab it for free, you need to subscribe for EmailonAcid. Talking about the template, this one is also made for the travel and tour related businesses, This template is full of images and call to action buttons. The V4 email template is the perfect choice for blog newsletters. The modern HTML5 and CSS3 framework give you more engaging visual effects. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a966017549cb0563f7771fa1a68e8b6f" );document.getElementById("d3875c6ebc").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. Like most other free MailChimp email templates, this one is also made using the latest web development framework, so you can easily edit and add the features you want. Neat subtle design of this template makes it the perfect pick for professional use. 480px is the standard width of a mobile phone’s screen in landscape orientation, and a good standard breakpoint to use in your code. With the help of Codepen editor, you can see your customization results easily. As vacations are approaching, every store owners are running their own discount sales. On the clean white layout, the pink color elements easily draw user attention on the required spot. If you are looking for well-optimized free MailChimp email templates with useful elements for your restaurant business, this is the best option for you. ©2001-2020 All Rights Reserved. Multimail, from the name itself you can understand that this template can make templates … The Beefree email builder is compatible with all major email automation tools. Just below the image you have the promotional and offer section. Welcome! There are certain scenarios which will be the same for all user, you can easily automate this process. Break through the email clutter with a clean, professional, e-newsletter template. The designer has used a mini website design with website page navigation options at the top. There are two reasons for that, one is the design is simple and the other is you can be creative with animation effects as well. Because of its clean design, you have plenty of space to add other elements you want. If you need you can edit this template either you can do it in the editor itself or if you are a developer you can use the HTML way to get a more precise result. Another advantage with this template builder is you can adjust the template for the mobile view as well. Each section in the mail template is treated as a block and the corresponding control settings options are shown on the left screen. The V6 template is made for eCommerce websites and online apparel store. Lots of white space is given between each segment and elements, which gives a neat appearance to the template. Merrysale is Professional, Time saving and clean Email newsletter. Switch - Best Mailchimp Newsletters Template. For the purposes of email, the media query’s styles are nested within the emails