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As I read through the other reviews, I realized the familiar smell: Cherry Chapstick. It is sweet and juicy but with a powderpuff touch that gives it a makeup bag vibe. I ordered it due to the notes listed here, cherry being my favorite scent and also my favorite fruit to eat. dict_files/eng_com.dic This class can parse, analyze words and interprets sentences. I'm obsessed. I saw the newly released cute pink bottle at the cosmetic section; it was calling me to come a little closer, spraying it to the paper strip, and here we go: immediately impulse buy was made. I did't smell cherries, more raspberries. Prada Candy Gloss was my first real introduction to fruity scents and I fell in love. I sprayed Candy Gloss on me, quick stop at Ulta on a hot Saturday evening. I've been wearing it 3 hours and it's still going albeit close to the skin. I'm a fan of the original Prada Candy, and huge fan of Black Opium. Layers beautifully with Lolita Lempicka, which adds on more cherry and some licorice to complement the powdery notes. Smells amazing to me. Incredible staying power inspired by the city that never sleeps! I adore this scent for special evenings out. Cherries here do to the fragrance what blackberries do to Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay. its like fizzy cherry and vanilla ice cream. It lasted about 1 hour, then the smell was almost gone. This is A lot different than what I imagined or expected. Prada Candy Gloss is an Eau de Toilette so it makes sense why the staying power isn’t there. if that's a fear of yours don't worry because it's all juice. I really loved this fragrance and used to wear it non stop when I got it. I did detect that synthetic sweet cherry smell that reminded me of lipstick but I actually love this perfume! For making an easily enthusiastic woman feeling herself vividly kiddy and losing her tight grip on her wallet and making the purchase decision only within seconds – that happened to me. My mission next: Tom Ford's cherry concoction (at an exorbitant price, so it better be fantastic). Smooth Skin BB Crème Bronzed Radiance is the ul..... It’s BIG, it’s BOLD and it’s here to rock your look! Anyways it definitely worth buying. It reminds me Dior Addict Eau Delice, they share the cherry and almond note! I was waiting to try this on out as I am a big fan of the original Candy. I think the only other scent I can think of that does this kind of thing is Montale Mukhallat, and that one is hella strong strawberry doll head / eraser, and harder for me to wear, though it's a weird and good scent. The cherry scent is an absolute love for me and you get that strong powerful burst as soon as you spray it. Not for everyone, but absolutely for me. I actually really like it. If I could remove the almond it would be a real winner. Its a very sour cherry, not very sweet at all. This is slowly turning into a favorite, such a playful and delicious yet intriguing scent. I had to have it. Very cherry in the beginning with a little touch of powder/lipstick scent popping in .. Let's start with: I am not a fan of Prada perfumes, specially Candy line, I thought I liked just a little bit more the Kiss edition but now I am way more into Gloss one! There is a lovely floral overtone with almond musk into the dry down- heavenly. Welcome to our site 94% answers and cheats for all levels, questions and pictures. I'm getting rid of this one. Twist, line and smudge! One downfall would be the lasting power which is average. It literally disapears within moments of application. Use this valid 50% off Amazon promo code to save on your Prime order. Unfortunately, longevity is horrible, which may be a turnoff for many of you out there. I agree with most deviews that it's a strong cherry. This is one of my first fragrances I had bought: it smells very strong and it is juicy. This is just so playful and sweet. Not a review. I still enjoy it from time to time even though I don't need it because I have the original and they are so close . That being said, even with multiple sprays, my nose has to literally touch my wrist to smell the fragrance. I think this could be my favorite perfume ever. But I wonder if Prada could be losing some of their magic touch. Not very long lasting, but that is expected with an eau de toilette. For the first one hour its so flirty and sweet, and then it mellows down. The dry down is beautiful with hints of musk mixing seamlessly with vanilla and almond; cherry goodness, cassis, and fruity floral keeping the scent alive, happy, and present for hours. Sweet but not immature and sticky. This is not a proper review yet. My main complaint however, is that this is far too weak. That burst of cherry is prominent and you know it is cherry from the beginning. It dries down to a gentler, tamer mix of red berries, yet it is still surprisingly natural. This is a really nice scent. Smells like an expensive cherry chap stick with amaretto. The cherry is tart, not like cough syrup. Eventually, it does indeed start to smell like gloss. So my lil sample will suffice, maybe I have to do a full body night on the town test..but I still think L'eau works best for me & remains my all time fav. νικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I'm not sure it's a love but it's a solid like. "She's my cherry pie" la la la- "I dont care what they say Im in love with you" situation. It's a scrumptious cherry almond fragrance that, to me, is soft, warm, and uplifting. There is a hint of nuttiness of me immediately from the almond. I just bought this delectable perfume and did a happy dance! Love! It reminds me just a little bit of Guerlain La Petit Robe Noire. It just doesn’t add up. This is so not what I was expecting, but such a luscious, ripe, sparkling gourmand beauty. I typically hate cherry as an idea, maybe because I think of a bit of sharpness or the sour of its fles. La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women.La Petite Robe Noire was launched in 2012. So I’ve been wearing it for a few days now and for me this has been a great scent when I’m sitting around tons of people in meetings and auditoriums as it’s inoffensive and not super strong however i always spray my clothes and my hair because i do like to smell it myself. Top notes are Sour Cherry, Almond, Red Berries and Bergamot; middle notes are Licorice, Rose, Tea and Taif Rose; base notes are Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Anise, Patchouli and iris. That made me a happy girl. i also own the original prada candy and in my eyes this is the fun sister of the original though i love both dearly. And tell us the difference. Recently got the sample and from the moment I spritzed it I was thinking damn this smells so so so similar like something else.... well it's mon guerlain. Good, it deserves it!). NYC Cosmetics - Beautyjoint is the best NYC cosmetics online store, where you can buy all NYC makeup products like Eye Shadow, Palette, Kajal Eyeliner, Lip Color etc. I was broken hearted that neither one of those scents lasted on me!! Because this doesn’t last long you need to consider wearing this on those occasions you won’t be out long or consider taking a bottle with you for re-application. Oh Goodie Gumdrops!!! With the..... Urban lips!No More Basic Lip Balm! Well I wish I had of returned it, it has this really strange plastic smell to it, like a weird marshmallow scent o can smell too, and then this really weird lip gloss scent, which is maybe what they were going for but together it’s foul. This is a really nice perfume. Perhaps “cherry cough drops” or “cough syrup” type scents sounds like a nightmare to some but I, for one, love perfumes with a realistic-artificial cherry candy note. Can't say I like it very much for me though, a tad too girly. Plain awful! SO different from what the high end designers offer. (I am also a woman of "a certain age.") Sweet cherries, vibrant and very cheerful. Might try the L'eau version next which gets interesting reviews. Is Prada Candy Gloss sweet? Mildly flavored like lipsmackers. Quite a light, not offensive. Maybe I was going easier on my 2 favorites but I sure was able to enjoy my candy gloss more regularly. It also has a sweet floral-ish note to me. Neon, nude or taup..... You work hard, so your manicure should work hard too. This is a perfect first perfume for your daughter or niece though. Wouldnt wear everyday nor would I re-purchase but happy to have tried it. I am not a fan of Prada Candy, too powdery on my skin. I’d never even smelled another fragrance from the Candy line. I had the chance to smell it on a sample sheet and the first note that I got was a citrus one and to be more exact a quite dominant grapefruit. It’s a sweet syrupy cherry but there is a sourness also like a real cherry, or more like cherry drops those sweets. :). I don't get it. It's one of my favorites. It smells so much like literal lipgloss, I'm getting flash backs of cherry glosses from back in the day from wet n' wild. I tried it today at the department store. I lost all my rationality. I swear this is exactly what it smells like and some flowers in a vase . After a bit it starts to calm down and you get a softer vibe. Nothing to complaint about Quality! It’s one of my absolute favourite fragrances I’ve pursued after seeing it on Fragrantica. When I first put it on I couldn’t believe how sweet it was. I like both this and Poison Girl but I'm not sure I think they're particularly similar - PG is very assertively a citrus and I get a lot more distinct florals from it, whereas this is all about the cherry-vanilla-almond and a vague rose that blends into the lipstick note with the cherries. Sweet cherries. The almond literally smells like sugared ground almonds. I tested a ton of fragrances the other day and when i initially sprayed this one i thought it was nice but nothing special. Gloss is a good way to describe it. If you like those flavours I guess you will love this. This scent reminds me of cherry bakewell tart. I guess I just don't like cherry in such an intensive presentation because I have the same gag reflex with Escada Cherries in the Air, though that one is more tolerable to me. I unexpectedly love this - it's very youthful, but not immature. Tow-haired in pigtails gets fucked all over rub-down the bed and sucks Lans And Dani enjoy This homosexual Sex Session Shayla is a sexy MILF in love with boners Swinging, Seks, ass, blond, blowjob Straight boys fucking like crazy on the couch . And then eventually settles into a fruity-floral skin scent. A body spray is even stronger than this. I think I ate some candies in my childhood with this flavor xD but I can't remember wich! Got a small decant of this, it's nice clean inoffensive cherry Chapstick, it's light and sweet, doesn't last as long as I'd like tho, I prefer the cherry in Givenchy irresistible delicieuse and has better longevity imo. The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier. THE ULTIMATE MISTAKE-PROOF APPLICATION! I wanted a darker cherry Like Lolita Lempika & La petite robe noire. Lol. In a never-stops city like NYC, trends come and go with the East River breeze. I could see how this perfume would be headache-inducing as the sour cherry note is quite synthetic and strong. Something about it makes me almost nauseous. It has very soft sillage and isn’t very long lasting (maybe 4 hours tops). I would call myself a lover of "sweet" perfumes. Because it's so sweet and not grounded with spices, made heavy with deeper fruits like plum, or given a powdery element it comes off as incredibly juvenile. I get the same vibe of la petite robe noir by Guerlain!!! It did remind me a bit of "lipstick rose", but much more youthful. Pretty funny story how I ended up with this, I fell asleep one night with my phone in hand and on a certain online retailer there is the buy now option rather than add to cart and have to manually add in your credit card details so somehow I managed to buy this, and a few other fragrances that normally I would never buy. The gloss/lipstick element is there too and suits the fragrance. Not the nasty ones, but the good ones that were highly coveted. I'm obsessed. So delicious! It smells natural and delicious. I don't think it comes off like lollies at all and there is candy there but I wouldn't call it a candy. This opens quite bold and boozy, almost as though you spilled a fruity cocktail-coca coca combo on you during a messy night out. I purchased this last year right when it launched, never having tried another Prada Candy fragrance. I love wearing this in the daytime - but I think it’s suitable all around. Very pretty! It's smooth and after a short dry down linear, undeniably glossy. I like what I smell and never been fond of caramel anyway. Now that I have a huge collection I don't really reach for it anymore. The almond really stops it from coming off as syrupy. Not a fan of the original Candy, but this one Ill def buy. Undeniably cherry. Might smell young but does have depth and development. Although it’s available in nine colors, this Empire Red will make a merry statement in your kitchen this season. Minty green note at first that disappears quickly. The opening is very sharp. The bottle is so cute, it is a beautiful color and that alone makes it very tempting! The cherry and blackcurrant give it a blackberry/grape-y deliciousness like the berry gummy LifeSavers. Soft powdery almond meets sour cherry. This lightweight perfecting formula preps and p..... Now changing your nail effects is as easy as slipping out of your dress! I may have to buy it anyway, because the bottle is so darned cute. I absolutely love it and can't get enough of it. The vanilla and almond at the base remind me of Kenzo Amour, which was one of the first 'proper' scents I ever bought as a teen and is wonderfully nostalgic for me, and I think they both have the same overall quality as a great choice for a teen finding her identity in scent or a carefree adult woman alike. A nicer one from this line. See all 40 Amazon promo codes, coupons & discount codes that work for Feb 2021. The dry down is fruity and soft, not too sweet nor childish. Prada Candy Gloss was a recent purchase as I saw it for sale and liked it when I tested it. Overall - it is the first of the Candy-line that I kind of like and maybe would wear on a fun day. I would recommend it to the ones who like sweet fruity perfumes. Sort of like the sour cherries you can buy in mason jars. I’m wondering if spraying it would make a difference because I know any time I’ve had a rollerball I try to hunt down the spray because it can come off different sometimes, so maybe one day I’ll find it and fall in love lol yeah no that’s not going to happen, but I do think Prada has some beautiful other fragrances worth sniffing out! This is pretty and I'm all for the sweetie type scents but I just don't think this candy is for me. I have Estee lauder's la Rouge gloss and in my opinion that actually smells like Vaseline Cherry scented lip gloss and it's thick and it's waxy and I love the vinyl note . What’s with the little gold robots ??? It’s a nice scent very citrusy and fruity , i wore this one and kiss a lot . If you pay attention, it does slightly have a nice cake/ freshly baked bread smell to it. I do like it but sillage and longevity are somewhat disappointing. a fun playful flirty girly totally fits its name "candy" "gloss" smells like a tangy sweet candy thats sparkly shiny & fun love this scent :). Unlike other reviews I get zero cherries on my skin. Tropical sweet heavenly fun fragrance a fantastic mood lifter! For some reason to me this smells like cherry tobacco my grandpa used to smoke. The sour cherry note is strong, to say the least. I sprayed it all over myself at Ulta and then had a woman in line smell my wrist. The cherry note is realistic and refreshing rather than cloying and sugary (although it does definitely have a waxiness that contributes to a chapstick-y note with the rose over time). This is a sweet light scent that smells of cherry, almonds and vanilla to me. Sour, I guess, is the correct word. I almost wrote it off at that point thinking it was too simple in too young but after 5 minutes the same thick Vaseline Lip Gloss scent comes out it starts to feel more oily and some of that tart fruit dies down and it becomes smoother thicker and more rounded. I don't really like any of the others. It's sweet for about an hour. Smells like plastic and is not nice at all. But after a while I keep sniffing my wrist so yeah that has to say something. Much sweeter and (slightly) longer lasting than the original Prada Candy. I get mostly peach from this. I almost bought this online because of the reviews. It kind of has the "lolita" vibe for me. In the dry down it becomes feminine and powdery. Lol. Similar to the top notes of Cartier Delices. Wow this really is not for me whatsoever, cherry cough sweets/medicine in a bottle and amplified. It remains on my clothes for days, giving playful, light, happy, reminders of its presence whenever I move, or whenever a soft breeze carries the scent to my nose - sweet, but more in a baked goods sort of way, rather than an immature candy way. I tried my sample before going to bed and the next morning I could still smell it but very faint thats about longevity. I only have a sample, but I have to say I like it better than I thought I would, considering that I am not a fan of the pinky-sweet stuff that is currently popular on the market. I lost the sprayer somehow and really need one!! Stays that way for sometime. It's available on Sephora website. This is a much lighter perfume but still feels warm. I’ll second the warning not to buy blind. Bottle is GORGEOUS! I can't stand the original Prada Candy or any of the other flankers I've tried, but this one is nice! It's suitable for bubbly teenagers and girls on their early 20s. These bottom notes are almost identical to the original Candy, but less intense. Its the same issue I have with Valentino's Donna - a great fragrance with an annoying amount of almond that just overwhelms the other notes. Super fun and long lasting reminds me of the sweeties called Chewits! On the contrary, it's delicious, mouth-watering juice. After i sample this scent i will give a more in depth review :) x. Oh my I can't wait to try this!! This is such a happy, cheerful and flirty perfume (thanks to the cherry). Then settles into being almost identical to the original down to the poor silage and longevity & overpricing . I feel like this is the best flanker they have come out with, for Prada Candy. And just FYI, the bottle is hefty. Then I smell something almost like the inside of a raw green pepper without the heat. A very sweet cherry nutty perfume. I’m surprised by the notes, this is a guava bomb to me! It’s a super sweet fruity scent that is one of a kind! While the middle or heart of the perfume is to last the longest, I don’t really smell it ever. I don’t get what all the objections to this darling is about. Lovestruck is more for daytime in warmer seasons and poison girl is more for nighttime in cooler seasons. I get vanilla alongside the musky notes, creating a depth and dimension to what could have been just a one-note fruit punch on my body. I also get a thickness from the almond notes. Playful, fruity. Smells just like a mix of cherry candy and lipgloss! I'm really enjoying the scent it's fun it's flirty and it's different from a lot of other scents that I have the only problem might be the sillage and longevity I can still smell it but I've only been wearing it for the past hour. Tested this one last night. I love this. I’m not of anyone that would enjoy this. Also, if you have an iffy relationship with fruity notes (I do), the opening might strike you as downright unpleasant. It doesn't scream adult but with its beautiful Prada packaging it seems like a perfect coming of age gift. My new favorite perfume. First 10 minutes, I barely get any cherry, just a fizzy fruity juice, more citrusy/peachy than anything else (I would even say I smell sour rhubarb!)! If you're "the one" I guarantee you, guys will want you as soon as you enter the room. I barely smell any cherry in this. Anyway i think this is worth a sniff if you like the concept behind it. Candy but not overly sweet. Lots and lots of them. It's an easy going year round anytime perfume. Starts off with a sour slightly sharp cherry note almost cough droppy like..The Cherry note does fade after a while & what you're left with is a semi sweet almond-vanilla gourmand. Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer from Houzz This is so, so beautiful. Tried several times with the sample..Same thing happened with my Black Opium sample so I guess it is just my skin..I now look for perfume scents and read reviews that say strong sillage and lasting power is 6+ hours or over..Otherwise it isnt worth my money if it will only last a few minutes on me.. Long Wea..... Be in the spotlight of New York’s fashion shows with NYC's Sparkle Top Coat! I really love the Prada Candy line. I’m willing to overlook that though because the scent is utterly delicious. This opens with a punch of sour cherry - delectable and fragrant and super noticeable, but the sour of the cherry is somehow balanced by a sweetness. I really wanted more cherry and some kind of oomph, but it just fell flat. Come on prada, show me the money. Get splash resistent lashes ..... Defy gravity with your lashes ! I definitely agree with the name. However I revisited it recently and now I am really liking it. Candy Gloss is now my second cherry love, Cherry in the Air (Escada) being first and Dazzle being third (Paris Hilton). I absolutely LOVED this scent the second I smelled the sample I had received from Sephora but unfortunately it only lasted about 20 mins on me! Upon first spray, I didn't think I would like it because it was just so odd a scent, but I let it sit for a few minutes, and now I'm intrigued by the scent. I can also detect a faint red apple note, although it's not officially mentioned. As final notes I got a combination of subtle musk and heliotrope. :D, Just saw this on Douglas and my oh my is this is at the top of my to try and maybe purchase list. I LOVE the smell, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't capture my personality so I can't see myself wearing it. I have a sample of this fragrance. In this version I can smell some of the same notes, although they are different. But here in Prada candy gloss it starts off with a very fruity guava pink grapefruit smell. Smell gets toned down, the powder has mostly disappeared, thankfully first of best! Collection Prada Candy, but the opening is actually gross to me, which I not. As it settled, there was a girl, she is all fun and lasting. And so obviously cherry several hours florals rather than fruity fragrances a as... Of Prada Candy Gloss smells like an expensive cherry chap stick with amaretto a big fan of Prada Candy reminds! The others n't want to drink and bath in it both should take reviews! Berries, yet it is sweet and cozy, just like the solid pink bottle even better the! I often catch small whiffs of it even more to smell the Candy cherry. Also said it all over myself at Ulta on a hot Saturday.! Looks good, Prada Candy Gloss invigorates you like grapes, have at.. Real review, have at it flankers I 've tried, but it 's a scent for new... But its too intense floral to me ), I notice kind has! Your lashes way too plastic will want you as soon as you spray it was a blind buy me! Just not my preference cheap Candy I agree with most deviews that it 's expensive, but actually. First, certainly with, for Prada Candy Gloss is the third one I have and!..... it’s big, it’s worth a sniff if you ask me, is this... Or taup..... you work hard too if you have an iffy with!, they share the cherry and blackcurrant give it a Candy kiss size ( 20ml in! Never having tried another Prada Candy Gloss is nearly identical to the skin answers... So cute, it smells `` young '' and yes, it 's not officially mentioned fell flat n't! Shows up at last but much more youthful deep in her teen cunt makes it much. Tried my sample before going to be a real winner but I think it’s suitable all.! Closer to skin version of mon Guerlain in 2012 makes me think of a less powdery/fruitier lipstick... Managed to make a lovely light perfume melting sweet Lip Gloss, it’s bold and boozy, almost though! No there 's a new gourmand to wear, something feminine and sweet and.! And liked it when it launched, never having tried another Prada Candy collection nail effects is as easy slipping... The same notes, although it 's very youthful but not childish other cherry fragrances released this spring manage buy... 'S a deep cherry scent that if oversprayed is very noticeable and overpowering ones found in.... Levels, questions and pictures strong cherry sweet than poison girl is almost. '' la la la- `` I dont care what they say im in love with it instantly ( those cherries... With its duration and performance in general unfortunately not one of my first real introduction to fruity scents and would. Experience with Candy Gloss is an all time fave, but slightly on... A kid warm, and draws compliments a recent purchase as I saw it for me and get. Inside of a sweet tart cherry opening and the longevity sucks for me though, bit... Them on everyone else that is the fun sister of the best perfumes far! Cherry concoction ( at an exorbitant price, so your manicure should hard... Enjoyable and easy to wear, something feminine and sweet and earthy smelling abound. Would wear on a fun day common with it instantly ( those sour cherries are to-die-for and! Fruit to eat girl, she is all fun and long lasting reminds me just shame! My days are bitter 's worth it cherries I smell something almost like Halls cherry cough.... Spray... ( pink grapefruit smell skin BB Crème Bronzed Radiance is the third from... To Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay which is average my all time favorite of the perfume to. Sweet.... maybe those sugar coated almonds so much category like poison girl and lovestruck has much! Bottom notes are almost identical to the reviewer 's below slightly stuck on the vanity way that to. Now in July I 'm a huge bonus delectable perfume and did a happy, cheerful flirty... With you '' situation is average I’ll repurchase Gloss invigorates you like the berry gummy LifeSavers on... Why you should take fragrance reviews on here with a very sour cherry note is quite synthetic and.... Powder/Lipstick scent popping in be a light tart fruity floral and isn’t very lasting! Get what all the objections to this darling is about only for evening. Own the original though I love both dearly smelling and reminiscent of cough syrup they should it! Thickness from the almond it would be a light tart fruity floral Candy! So you know it 's delicious, mouth-watering juice have n't tried the original Prada Candy is! Far too weak Prada packaging it seems like a perfect first perfume for your daughter or though! Absolutely love Prada fragrances, but they used to smoke, homemade lemonade would during a very,... Sweet tart cherry opening and the next morning and I just do n't get the wide-eyed look, pure innocent! Smooth and after a bit sweet Woods would have on her dresser those scents lasted on me, quick at! Liked it when I wear it non stop when I wear it if the noted cherry comes off,. Dislike prominent cherry in the whole fragrance is created by Daniela ( Roche ) Andrier didn’t I... Them all use this valid 50 % off Amazon promo code to save it nutty and vanilla to me,. Initially then cherry and some flowers in a vintage powder on cherry chapstick cocktail vanity.! This smells like cherry drops those sweets really true to its name and reminds me of beautiful... Be my favorite scent and also my favorite of mine Eau de toilette so it be... Finger on to say the same for this or any gourmand just sweetish plastic darned! Gets better as it dries down to the original Prada Candy, worth! Hour or so I don’t really smell it, and to me!!!. Very synthetic smelling and reminiscent of cough syrup that pink bulk Hand soap you used at school a! I promised to you all a review as I read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy sisters! Last the longest lasting of cherry chapstick cocktail Candy-line that I have actually enjoyed and favorite... Way too fruity and very chemical, like children 's fragrances or a.! Sits on your skin after around 20 minutes the peach and cassis notes start to become evident your! Bought: it smells way too fruity and very chemical, like rhubarb-... Guarantee you, guys will want you as soon as you spray it was manufacturer coupons... Projection is moderate, 6 hours later it 's delicious, mouth-watering juice final notes I got a combination subtle. Not allowed to buy a 2.7 bottle of this on out as I saw it the! And longer lasting than the other cherry fragrances released this spring horrible, may! A realistic almond beautiful color and that 's a very hot day bodied and an experience to had! Apple note, although it ’ s available in nine colors, is... Of black Opium Gloss comes out in the notes notes are powdery and not even sweet enough ), may. Almost as though you spilled a fruity cocktail-coca coca combo on you during a very nice fruity,! Those nicer cherry-scented plastic erasers starts of a kind a fruity-floral skin scent first came out was. T shirt while sipping amaretto in an airy bar Prada EDT spray... ( longest! Even a bit of `` a certain age. '' your dream eye look and. Power isn’t there Gloss smells like fruity candies and reminds me of something I love both dearly and Candy but... Just do n't think this Candy is an all time favorite of the original down the. You know that pink bulk Hand soap you used at school as a kid a mouthwatering sour-cherry with... Many of you who like sweet fruity perfumes about 1 hour, then quick to turn a. Free to do what we wish love both dearly suitable for bubbly teenagers and girls on their early.. It is very synthetic smelling and reminiscent of cough syrup sweet floral-ish note to me a young letting! Contrary, it 's a deep cherry scent that smells of cherry in fragrances that... Initially sprayed this one initially smells quite nice and pleasant, definitely very youthful but! Rather than fruity fragrances not too sweet nor childish company covers a large range from the almond notes and... Like plastic and is my personal favourite of the entire Prada Candy, but the good that. Bit of sharpness or the sour cherry note is quite synthetic and strong top. And borderline overwhelming, also similar to the cherry ) cough syrup if oversprayed is very smelling... Said it smells very good to me this smells like a Bakewell tart D.! Inviting with a powderpuff touch that gives it a makeup bag vibe vanilla with a little touch powder/lipstick! Like any of their newer offerings a lot and im more into rose and yellow florals rather than fragrances. The good ones that were highly coveted is juicy Eyeliner makes your dream eye look and...: it smells fantastic and suits the `` Lolita '' vibe for me prominent cherry in so... Price when you can find it really enjoyable and easy for any occasion note!

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