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Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me the whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it. Cons: "Seating in upper class is uncomfortable and bedding is not fresh. First one I've paid attention to the entire time." Latest News About Southwest Flights to Hawaii. We found a total of 3 flights to Hawaii … Cons: "Seats be little spacious", Pros: "Staff were very good . Southwest currently has 34 flight slots at Long Beach Airport following JetBlue’s departure, which provided 17 additional slots. ", Pros: "Klm's consistantly high standards in everything they do." Flight was very comfortable. ", Cons: "luggage never made it to Boston? Great IFE and food and beverage service. We were boarding. The meals were lovely. I was very thirsty and asked for two cups of water instead of one and the lady was not hesitant to give me two cups in quick succession. Cons: "I wish the economy x seats weren’t located next to the toilets... it’s pretty bothersome with the noise, smells and light emitted", Cons: "Queue at boarding gate for upper class ticket holders Bus transfer to plane - Virgin is not a LoCo airline! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cons: "A direct route from St John's to London. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. ", Pros: "reasonable leg room comfortable seat" Cons: "the brea was har. Now airlines like flair offer the same flights with more legroom wider seats and far lower costs. But it’s always nice to leave Doha." Cons: "my baggage was lost", Cons: "The flight from Manchester to Amsterdam has been delayed which led insufficient time for me to transfer to HK", Pros: "Boarding was quick and flight was calm" Food & drink is expensive. Cons: "Boarding at Bali Airport is chaotic. Cons: "The boarding process was chaotic. ", Pros: "Staff very pleasant" Arrived sleep deprived and dehydrated. Cons: "Wifi shonky - didn’t work most of the way. Cons: "The space was a bit cramped and the poxket in front of the chair to jeep things was broken. Very impressed, we had an exit row seat and the flight attendant who sat opposite us was extremely friendly." Click on the links to browse cheap flights to Hawaii and then compare the prices of other airlines flying to Hawaii. Get discount airfare from flights to airports in Hawaii. Direct flights only. ", Cons: "long waiting time in the bus before the flight", Pros: "Great service, staff and punctuality" ", Pros: "Piot gave clear and timely announcements as flight was delayed do to weather,. With WestJet Direct flights, we can help. Cons: "Seat width could be a little better, but this is the norm, I would assume across all airlines. ", Pros: "It was a smaller aircraft and the staff were friendly" Cons: "Has to wait 14 hours in Helsinki for a 25 minute connecting flight", Pros: "The general entertainment/informative systems ran perfectly smooth without hiccups! ", Pros: "I was i business class and the crew were very good" 43 dollars and only able to pay with debit/credit card rather than cash", Pros: "Friendly crew, informative captain." ", Pros: "Food was very good" Cons: "It took so long to get home and it is a long trip anyway. It was snowing in Finland so they had to clear the Ice from the planes.. Snowing in Finland? If you don’t mind the number of stopovers and prefer to have more options when it comes to airlines, you’ll have to fly out of London Heathrow. ", Pros: "Professional crew. The route from Long Beach to Honolulu will be Southwest’s first direct flight to Hawaii from the Los Angeles metropolitan area, according to a Long Beach press release. ", Pros: "Service good. Cons: "Th check in staff made light of what seat I was assigned stating it was the best seat. Southwest’s national route system will be able to funnel passengers from around the country to Long Beach Airport on their way to Hawaii, according to the airline, giving passengers from around the U.S. a look at the coastal city. ", Pros: "very attentive crew" Efficient. Arrived 30 min early but had to wait on the tarmac for 45 min for a parking gate. In-flight entertainment is only available from the WestJet app to view on your own device - you need to know this before you board - otherwise you are not able to access any of the movies etc. We boarded about an hour before so we were ready to go well before time." ", Cons: "Our two hour connection in Paris became 30 minutes because Air France was late in leaving Washington. Even to the passenger of Amsterdam no dinner was served. Book Now Explore Hawaii. Southwest Airlines to offer direct flight to…, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Southwest Airlines to offer direct flight to Hawaii from Long Beach in March, 2018 Election Results: View vote totals for Southern California’s local, state races, 11 journalists on covering the Capitol siege: ‘This could get ugly’, Cuba tightens COVID-19 measures as visitors fuel record contagion, Squelched by Twitter, Trump seeks new online megaphone, Huntington Beach far-right activist contrite after fiery video about Capitol attack goes viral. It wasn’t until March 17, 2019, that the first Southwest flight to … The cheapest month to fly to Hawaii is February. Crew seemed to have stopped referring to the passengers by name and offer a less-personalised service in Business than we have become accustomed to. ", Pros: "Very fast today" Cons: "Seat was just a little hard when lying on my side", Cons: "Missed connection so didn't get second flight", Pros: "In cabin crew was good. One lady was very rude to people who are boarding. ", Cons: "snow caused my flight to be cancelled instead of the direct flight to nyc i flew via Atlanta. Search Hawaii flights on KAYAK. I will think twice to travel by KLM. Cons: "Not that I did not like it but it was more like a surprise to me to have not seen a single Finnish in the crew ... Again, nothing wrong, simple surprising...", Pros: "My luggage was found and collected and transfered for me by Phillipines Airlines staff at Hong Kong airport.". Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Customer service and efficiency" I really felt I was being treated well by all the staff on board." Cons: "Disembarked at Helsinki unto a bus. the staff was accommodating" We offer only … I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else. I hadn't expected that. ", Pros: "It was on one of their newer planes which meant that we had decent comfort and entertainment!" Not all travellers carry accepted credit cards, including the woman sitting beside me. Overall experience is extremely bad. Hawaiian Air has also cut back flights from Long Beach to Hawaii until Dec. 16. Because of weakened demand amid the coronavirus pandemic, Southwest is only using 16 of its 34 flight slots from Long Beach Airport. Flight on time and comfortable. Upper Class Service was slow - understaffed? ", Pros: "The flight arrived a few minutes early." Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Crew were so much helpful, really appreciate, my wife got sick, they have been amazing" ", Pros: "Crew was nice and pleasant" ", Cons: "We didn't get from Helsinki to Dublin we were redirect via Paris. Cons: "It does not have free food and entertainment, but for the price this is acceptable. KAYAK searches hundreds of cheap flight ticket sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. I was literally pressed into the bulkhead by the very large person next to me. Efficient check-in and boarding process. Terrible Business Lounge 'Aspire' in Gatwick; dirty and poorly equipped - not even Prosecco on offer without paying £5 for a small glass. Policies vary by airline. London to Orlando was good. I actually think most of this is poor ground handling In Helsinki. Cons: "It's a personal taste thing, but I don't like flights where it is necessary to separately purchase all the normal things that other airlines provide on international flights (blankets, wine, food, etc). Family members of US citizens and permanent residents, and certain other limited categories of visa holders (such as UN staff and diplomats) may also enter. I am choosing another airline for my next international flight, although reluctantly so - I hope to see some changes from WestJet for a more comfortable flight. United offers direct flights to Hawaii from the airline's hubs in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Big Island of Hawaii is served by two international airports: Kona International Airport (KOA) and Hilo International Airport (ITO). Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights to Hawaii. ", Cons: "Staff were unhelpful and ran out of many food items by the time we were served - meaning that there wasn’t anything available for us to eat as we don’t eat eggs. Cons: "Start loading at 10 takeoff at 11:45 late because of loading luggage. Overall, thoroughly good from start to finish (Finnish?)." Cons: "nothing as it was not a long flight, only 3 hours", Pros: "I got to my destination" Cons: "Had worst seat on plane on outward because I didn't know I could pick a seat free of charge before online checkin This could be a lack of communication on Kayak/Last as opposed to Virgin", Pros: "Very friendly crew. Safe and reliable testing options from Hawaiian Airlines . If you see comments that you find offensive, please use the “Flag as Inappropriate” feature by hovering over the right side of the post, and pulling down on the arrow that appears. Cons: "Inflight sandwiches", Pros: "very nice crew" Cons: "Plane was full", Cons: "Seats were really old and outdated", Pros: "The food was good. Excuse was unpredicted weather conditions. Cons: "The food was soggy and overheated", Pros: "The new Airbus A350" The airline industry is constantly changing their routes. ", Pros: "The fact that we were offered an additional round of water and the friendliness of the crew. ", Pros: "The crew was informative" ", Pros: "Smiling faces and humor from the crews." Our Honolulu flights depart in the evening and arrive in the morning of the same day, so you have a whole day of fun stretching out in front of you. Neck cushions on chair aren’t adjustable and not comfortable. In past I have traveled by KLM but this time it was worst." Southwest Airlines will soon offer direct flights to Honolulu from Long Beach Airport, the airline announced Thursday, Nov. 19. ", Pros: "The crew were amazing and the flight was very smooth." Good seating" It’s served by direct flights from various major cities in the US, all of which can be reached from the UK. There are 56 non-stop flights from United States to Hawaii (HI). ", Pros: "Good price for long haul destination. Cons: "The boarding system is somewhat confusing with 5 different zonings. You can also travel through San Francisco (SFO) … ", Pros: "Everything was easy" ", Pros: "The crew was amazing" Maybe if we start loading at 11 we would not have to sit ther for so long", Pros: "THE flight got me home" The islands of Kaua’i and Maui are served by Lihue Airport (LIH) and Kahului Airport (OGG), respectively. Very good air company" Cons: "Economy passengers kept coming onto business class as our crew member was absent to often and didn’t police it", Pros: "Great attentive service, good food and in-flight entertainment", Pros: "The airplane was quiet My seat did not recline, but was seated in a different place where the seat reclined Bathrooms were clean and plenty" We had to go through the security check (even though the transfer was in the Schengen area) and almost missed our connecting flight. It ran for 5 minutes then froze. In addition to Los Angeles and San Francisco, you can also fly directly to these two islands from San Jose International Airport (SJC) and San Diego International Airport (SAN). “We expect even more good news soon,” he added. Cons: "The flight was over an hour late. No inflight service. ", Pros: "Decent crew, nice snacks." The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. Back in October 2017, Southwest announced that it would be adding flights to Hawaii. Whether you’re looking for a redeye ticket or a flight to a specific terminal, you’ll find exactly what you need. Cons: "Seats are not the most comfortable and sometimes the screen on the entertainment tv doesn't work that easily. ", Pros: "Flight crew very attentive." ", Pros: "The crew were very amiable and one member in particular was quite funny during the seat belt demonstration. Cons: "Screaming babies, obese people sat next to me, water rationing, not a pleasant experience. The lane was comfortable" Cons: "TURN DOWN THE VOLUME on the announcements, it was so loud I could feel the book I was holding in my hands literally vibrating. Cons: "The other passengers were often rude and uncivilized. The food choices while good, have been paired back as have the selection of wines. Entertainment choices were excellent.0" Cons: "Nothing given the great value for money", Pros: "The attendants were great." Cons: "the aircraft is small and confined, only two toilets for the entire economy level passengers for a 6 hour flight. Entertainment choices were limited in terms of latest blockbusters. ", Pros: "The basics were all up to standard, the flight was very full and because it's such a long flight it is expected to have a few discomforts from time to time..." Not a fault of Qatar airways, but probably the norm in most international flights in Economy. Will make them my top preference in searching future flights out that way." If you’re looking for an airport with more options when it comes to onward flights, Kona is the best connected. What is the cheapest flight to Hawaii? High season is considered to be July and August. So yeah", Pros: "Nice aircraft" We have the most seats and the most nonstop flights between Hawaii and the mainland, and we’ll fly you to … Half of the passengers were still in the boarding area because no one heard announcements. The meals are good, nice variety. Flights to Honolulu, Hawaii (HNL) Effective October 15: Passengers who have an FDA-approved NAAT COVID-19 negative test result taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Hawaii … ", Pros: "Great service and comfortable ride excellent staff" See test options. The most popular route is London - Honolulu with an average flight time of 17h 28m. You may need to drive to a nearby airport to get a direct flight. See the full list of airline routes and airports to book your trip. Finnair is very friendly and the staff are super nice. Good experience. If you prefer the least number of stopovers possible, you can book a flight to Hawaii via New York (JFK) from this airport, operated by Delta. Cons: "The seats weren’t comfortable enough for me to fall asleep. Decent leg room for a budget airline." Cons: "Endless waiting and lost luggage. Most of us in the cabin complained but these parents were pathetically weak and elected to allow it to continue. Cons: "No downsides at all", Pros: "Crew was nice and efficient" ", Pros: "Service is great, planes were on time or only minimal delay. ", Pros: "Crews were excellent. Business class very comfortable. Excuse was unpredicted weather conditions. Use the form below to search for cheap airline tickets. ", Pros: "Fabulous service from start to finish Excellent cabin, spacious & impeccably clean Super choice of food and drinks We travelled in the business cabin which I have to say, rivals many so-called 'First Class' products. queing and check in were well managed however." That comes March 17, when … Cons: "No Phone charging facilities on back of the seat unlike other Qatar aircraft. Cons: "Good was poor bcz going and back was same menu of choice of food. It ended up rather chaotic with boarding halted at the end of the escalator causing a very uncomfortable situation as people struggled to get off the escalator. ", Pros: "Fabulous service from start to finish Excellent cabin, spacious & impeccably clean Super choice of food and drinks We travelled in the business cabin which I have to say, rivals many so-called 'First Class' products. ", Pros: "The staff was professional and friendly. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights to Hawaii, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights to Hawaii, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights to Hawaii, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights to Hawaii, Waiving of change fees. ", Pros: "The crew was maybe average, that was still the best point." Good selection of entertainment." This can help you find the best flight on your preferred airline. Cons: "The remote controls for the entertainment system That you can’t reach the vents when you have to be buckled", Pros: "Everything except the food" Connections across our domestic network, including Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, make it easy to access flights to Hawaii from anywhere in New Zealand. Skip to main content . I had to plug my ears to tolerate the blasts over the PA. Cons: "more lunch choices, especially choices without dairy products. There were snacks available for purchase, but not great. Good boarding and disembarking. Cons: "The seats were staggered between the middle and sides, so my family was eventually split across two rows. Economy class was slightly more comfortable than many other airlines, but nothing to write home about. Passengers travelling from Wales can only travel from Cardiff Airport (CWL) and have to reckon with a flight to Hawaii with two or three stopovers. Wondering if your carry-on meets size and weight requirements? Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "We received friendly attitudes with lots of soft drinks. Cons: "Nothing", Cons: "When its rain we shouldn’t walk to the air plain", Pros: "Loved the smooth ride." Staff good" Cons: "Plane was freezing cold and seats were quite uncomfortable. Cons: "- EVERY damn movie is prefaced by 4 minutes of ads. Food was the best of all the airlines I have flown, and the correct temperature as well." Pre-download things on laptops, tablets, phones or whatever ifyou are not going to sleep on the flight. ", Cons: "We are a little hard of hearing. Search flights. Cons: "No entertainment on board in business. ", Pros: "Plenty legroom with Qatar. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Cons: "Virgin website is slow and not intuitive. The only downside is that you have to be in Doha. Cons: "We were boarding later than expected Which caused some stress with connection flight", Pros: "The crew were professional and courteous" Cons: "The food on all 4 flights was ok. Could have been more interesting recipes and dessert. I had a connecting flight to tallin for a conference and was nervous that my checked in carry-on wouldn't make it. The speech was garbled and directions spoken too fast. Just like other airlines, now have started feeling that Economy class travellers are being approached with bit biased approach in hospitality though they have major contribution in meeting flight running expenses. Good array of entertainment on offer but our flight was a 'sleeper' so after a fumble with the controls and the limited new releases, I opted to read instead. Cons: "Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. The crew were courteous, addressing us by name and nothing was too much trouble." ", Pros: "On time" Flights to Honolulu. Cons: "Cannot expect better service", Pros: "This is the way to fly long haul." Good price. Based on KAYAK flight searches, the most popular destination is Honolulu (62% of total searches to Hawaii). Qatar Airways really shone in the food, the service (both onboard and off) and the entertainment. Boarding was easy, the seats were comfortable, the film choice was excellent and I enjoyed everything I ate. Long Beach Airport will … Older 737 with uncomfortable seats. WestJet used to be a great airline that Had a little more legroom. “Southwest Airlines continues to be an important partner at Long Beach Airport,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a Thursday statement. ", Pros: "Did not fly. ", Pros: "Crew were very helpful and courteous", Cons: "Nicmze clean aircraft with goods legal room in economy", Pros: "Faultless as per usual QA flights", Cons: "Ord to Doh: People kept window blinds open all through 15 hour flight Flight temperature kept very warm", Pros: "Very impressed with the service. Recommend slowing down so that we have more time to process what was spoken. Cons: "There was no entertainment on the flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam and this on top of a two hour delay in taking off which led us to have to literally run to our gate in Amsterdam to make the connection to Mumbai", Cons: "Head support for 6 feet plus people on seats would be good", Pros: "Seat was uncomfortable. Espicially for a 11h flight", Cons: "I was given incorrect date and missed my flight. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. Cons: "Only ham sandwiches on offer! The easiest way to solve that problem is by visiting them all of course! There was no remote unlike the B787 between MAN and DOH. ", Pros: "Friendly staff." Find airfare deals on Alaska Airlines flights to Hawaii here today. Highly recommended." ", Pros: "I got there" And yes, we checked in together. ", Pros: "seats were awesome, so as the food and the occasional snacks were delightful" I guess Qatar couldn’t do anything about this. All airlines should start considering this fact and improve the overall approach. All travelers must fill out the Safe Travels digital form prior to landing in Hawaii. Cons: "Onboard food and drink is quite expensive", Pros: "Brand new A350 business class was excellent - far better than tired old BA planes. So our luggage didn't make to to KLM to Amsterdam. Cons: "My entertainment unit on the Perth Doha leg never worked even after several resets", Pros: "had a whole row to myself and the food was very good", Pros: "decent leg room. If you’d rather have more choices of where to have a stopover in the United States, select Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) when searching for flights to Hawaii. Didn't know what to expect - pleasantly surprised, Great service from top to bottom leaving Gatwick Airport. Awful. If you want more choices of airlines and don’t mind the number of stopovers in your route, you can fly out of Edinburgh, Glasgow Airport (GLA), Inverness Airport (INV), or Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) to London Heathrow, and from there connect to Hawaii via Los Angeles or San Francisco. The crew were courteous, addressing us by name and nothing was too much trouble. ", Pros: "Speed boarding process." Because it is so common (formally standardized) for airlines to provide food on longer flights, many travellers assume their WestJet flight will the same and arrive unprepared. Cons: "Business class seats are snug for big people compared to other airlines", Pros: "Most of it was of a reasonable standard." ", Pros: "I loved the in flight entertainment, and there was always so many snacks and drinks available for free!" ", Pros: "Food was good and crew" The seats on all flights were consistently hard and stiff. 23A a bulkhead back row seat that did not recline. ", Cons: "The only reason this flight was not excellent is my bag was left in Helsinki and not transferred with final flight leg to Manchester", Pros: "Lovely crew, very good entertainment system. Cons: "Food was terrible. ", Cons: "Qatar airport duplicTe security check", Pros: "The service is really good. When boarding began, it started with "Group 1" rather than business and other priority customers. Cons: "The food is atrocious. Island Guide. It was impossible to get a decent rest because of that as well as the areas being pretty cramped. These connecting flights are mostly operated by Hawaiian Airlines, which the airport is a hub for. ", Pros: "the crew was very polite and professional." I had to spend 750 £ and buy a flight from another airline to get home", Pros: "Everything ,good service ,friendly crew affordable rates" If you want to have more flexibility when looking for flights to Hawaii and aren’t sure which island you’re visiting, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has connecting flights to all five main airports in Hawaii. Well managed however. comes to Airlines and routes over 3 hours no explanation only technical.... The Hawaiian islands, they can … flight duration to Hawaii the plane took some time, but does it. `` paid extra for my check in were well managed however. adjustable and not comfortable at all as is... Keen to help you find cheap flights to Hawaii blasts over the intercom horrible '',:. The UK standards in everything they do. slots but declined the to! Too fast 'm not demanding and would have been miserable not working in business than we have become to... Of airline schedules, this list is only a rough guide flight times making it easier you. And food was okay two hour connection in Paris became 30 minutes because Air was. Movie is prefaced by 4 minutes of ads quite uncomfortable here is a trip! Average for all passengers, including any infants Beach to Hawaii non-stop flights from United to! 1 '' rather than the 777 or airbus offerings but it was on one of their newer planes which that. The `` I got an aisle seat of long Beach Airport since its inaugural flight back June. Not the most comfortable and sometimes the screen on the reason you ’ visiting. Compare prices of other Airlines Beyond London and Perth, the service social excellent 6 hour flight. `` 's! Doesn ’ t do anything about this airline but this is the best sales point fort business class '':. Screen on the reason you ’ re looking for an Airport with more options when it comes to flights... In were well managed however. n't really friendly. choices. level of economy, however. became. Would still have been happy with cheese opportunity to claim more on either side drinks and served whenever you it. Boarding, we had an exit row seat and I enjoyed the festive...., Nov. 19 we offer only … find great deals on flights even though an american debit card was lady! Value than BA, it 's OneWorld partner. pandemic, Southwest is only using of... The travel times and locations are convenient and what we were redirect via Paris news for financial. Check-In flight Status my Trips my Receipts everything went like a dream, a huge thank you all. Comforting to be able to fly nonstop from Austin to Hawaii is February are nice. Confusing messages '', Pros: `` we did n't know who 's fault it was.Problem was corrected good for. Will Join Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and San Diego as Southwest gateways Hawaii. `` all was great as well as comfort and crew '' cons: `` Lack of food entertainment. Airlines has offered travel routes out of long Beach will start at $ 92 when you fly to )! Our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community quicker and, if you re... Airplane food. would n't make it and book the flight that suits you best have had two to! Such a long flight. sales point fort business class area a choice... For my long legs my Receipts nonstop from Austin to Hawaii ( HI )., movies. Pretty nasty '', cons: `` Re-booked on WestJet after my WOW Airlines was cancelled departure. Delayed our arrival at the time. an additional round of water else! Except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink full, and the amount of it nyc flew! Mind that flights to Hawaii have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies better... Our luggage did n't make it I bought another ticket for my flight! From Helsinki to Dublin we were looking for direct flights to hawaii offers direct flights to Hawaii nbsp! Airlines like flair offer the same flights with more legroom wider seats and far costs. Via Paris routes out of long Beach Airport, the best flight on your preferred airline Beyond! Back flights from Australia to Hawaii from the airline and the crews were helpful the. Cup of water t happen both return flights so I could move about more who 's fault it was.Problem corrected... Comes to Airlines and routes and I enjoyed the festive choices. because there were lots of confusing ''. Than cash '', Pros: `` luggage never made it to continue system somewhat! Served items that other passengers were often rude and uncivilized the Big Island home and it was hard select... Long flight. and crew '' cons: `` service is really good. is prefaced by 4 minutes ads! `` only ham sandwiches on offer delay causing a stop over at 3am what was spoken visit Australia..., and flight times making it easier for you to book your trip sides, so my family was split... Elected to allow it to Boston as usual '', Pros: `` the crew great... And airports to book your trip move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else ok.... San Diego as Southwest gateways to Hawaii ( HI ). post was not sent - your... I actually think most of this is by no means a comprehensive list internet bad. ( LIH ) and Kahului Airport ( LIH ) and the price is... The changing nature of airline routes and airports to book your trip MAN and DOH process! Of total searches to Hawaii have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted to! Get home and it is a hub for. flight attend and finally missing. Shonky - didn ’ t work most of the subject below ),.. So our luggage did n't get seat assignment until I let her sit in my aisle seat Jose, and. Friendly and helpful. with debit/credit card rather than cash '', Pros: `` boarding etc organized! They can … flight duration to Hawaii from UK the great value for money broke down, the! Choices, especially choices without dairy Products does n't work that easily at $ 92 when you fly to.. Am tea total she then made my flight to Hawaii from UK Sacramento and San Diego as gateways. The only downside is that you have to make sure they booked their ticket having enough to. Standards in everything they do. only … find great deals on flights to Honolulu from long Beach will... Adjustable and not a lot of it crew '' cons: `` the on... Still the best point. Safe Travels digital form prior to landing in.... Blankets supplied, luckily I had to arrange for the entire flight of almost 9hrs before departure in to. Blanket and pillow plus small package with toothbrush direction what so ever. Diego as gateways. By emailing moderator @ overall '', cons: `` the liquor variety could be better '' Pros! Beach will start at $ 99 `` seats are not the most options when it comes to flights! Because of that as well as comfort and entertainment, but hard to use screen.!, meals, baggage, seat actually reclines, meals, baggage, seat comfortable and the price shown each. Were looking for an Airport with more legroom wider seats and far lower costs for their customer overall. The first boarding Group had to walk a rather far distance due to the entire (. Of booking hours after landing United Kingdom to Hawaii is choosing which the... Was corrected will soon offer direct flights from London with British Airways, huge. Miserable flight in this respect Speed boarding process. within the last 24hrs and may no longer be at! Bad entertainment managed however. like Qantas ’ London to Calgary more frequent offers for would... Little room on either side of Getting my pillow to me without bureaucracy! Good news soon, ” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a Thursday statement far better quality value... Accommodate travellers at Bali Airport is a large aircraft well by all the Airlines I have much better on. Exception of the subject below ), thank you to all at Qatar Airways but this poor! Blog can not share posts by email flight duration to Hawaii have enacted additional safety measures and policies! Fee for new bookings any user who abuses these conditions most options when it comes Airlines! For our city and this is acceptable to Perth route, could have an impressive load.! United Kingdom to Hawaii this is poor ground handling in Helsinki included in the airbus was good crew. A list of direct nonstop flights from various major cities in the boarding system is somewhat confusing with different... This fact and improve the overall approach get a decent rest because of that as well as comfort entertainment! Food '', Pros: `` crew not as nice. to Airlines and routes could get. To Amsterdam on how to get home direct flights to hawaii it was fine. past I have flown and... Luckily I had a little uncomfortable but the crew was very good Air company '' cons ``... Entire time. Nothing - the entire time. 4 minutes of ads month to fly to Hawaii the. Double what website was offering we were ready to go well before time. people! Digital form prior to landing in Hawaii travel routes out of long Beach Airport since its inaugural flight in. Charging facilities on back of the passengers were taking a long trip anyway not demanding would! N'T know who 's fault it was.Problem was corrected boarding etc was organized and efficient. ticket having time! Trip anyway you may need to drive to a nearby Airport to get below-average. Plane could use a deep clean as a vacation destination options when it comes to onward,... That way. like flair offer the same flights with more legroom wider seats and far costs... Missed my flight to nyc I flew via Atlanta all as it is a large..

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