yucca weevil damage

The adult weevil attacks many species of agave. Mary and Gary Irish had a good suggestion in their outstanding book, Agave, Yuccas and Related Plants: A Gardeners Guide (2000, Timber Press). otherwise that I feel the use of pesticides are appropriate. More recently, we have found introduced agave or yucca weevils to UNF. Damage by the `Yucca Weevil', Scyphophrus acupunctatus, is most extensive in the cane. The yucca simply does not need a lot of water and should be properly drained of moisture to thrive. Instead, try to locate pups or bulbils from an Agave that successfully flowered and may have had some genetic resistance to weevils and likely passed that If one of your Agaves die from weevils, DON’T use its surviving pups in your landscape. Agave Snout Weevil (Scyphophorus acupunctatus). Once you have addressed this, consider the other potential causes within our guide. Agaves and Yuccas are generally slow- One such pest is the Agave Borer Weevil and its close cousin the Yucca Weevil. the monophagous yucca weevil, which feeds on Yucca whipplei Torr. Snout weevils are probably the most damaging pests to agaves and yuccas. The white grub-like larvae tunnel under the bark which can girdle and therefore kill the plant and also tunnel in the tip killing the growing plant. 16). The Yucca Weevil. and other members of the genus Yucca in the southwestern region of the United States and Baja California (Waring 1986). Weevils as Biocontrol Agents ... •Unknown species? Agave Borer Weevil, (also known as the Agave Snout Weevil) and the Yucca weevil are devastating insect pests to members of the Agave and Yucca genera. •Control is difficult •Once damage is apparent, control is impossible. The yucca weevil is a fully winged, flat-tened black beetle without scales or … The very large Agave americana or century plant is more susceptible to weevil damage than the smaller species. Either I have both types or they are indiscriminate. In fact, it might be even more low maintenance than you are giving it credit for. Damage. It this instance though the larvae start in the bud and burrow well down into the trunk before causing collapse. A yucca plant is a great, easy way to add some foliage to your home or garden. Yucca filamentosa (wild plants) in northeast Florida If your agave has flopped over and you see an abundance of adult weevils at the base it is of course too late. The adult weevil is about ½ inch (12 mm) in length, is brownishblack and has a dull body (Fig. Leafhoppers fed with 1% Yucca saponin or 5% crude-saponin of alfalfa died within 2–3 days due to toxic effects and non-preference of the diet containing saponins. While checking the crevice garden for more yucca damage I noticed Agave 'Blue Glow' had telltale signs of yellowing bottom leaves. In outdoor landscapes, add-ing copious amounts (up to 25%) of pumice will improve drainage and soil structure. Seed weevil damage. Because of the damage from these insects, we have stopped planting Yucca filamentosa in large groups on campus. If you grow eastern arborescent yucca such as aloifolia keep in mind that they are a suitable host for these things as well. Cribrate and citrus weevils feed on foliage and bark, causing leaf drop, fruit drop, stunted growth, loss of leaves, twig dieback, reduced fruit yield and water stress. They are much more destructive than the skippers. The survival time of 10 days was observed with 0.1% yucca saponin and a lower concentration (0.01%) … Agave Snout Weevil (Scyphophorus acupunctatus) ... damage occurs on Y. aloifolia, Y. gloriosa, and Y. recurvifolia, es- ... and yucca successfully in heavy clay soils. The agave snout weevil ( Scyphophorus acupunctatus ), also known as the sisal weevil, feeds on many species of agave and can be especially damaging to the larger species such as century plant ( Agave americana ) and blue agave ( Agave tequilana ). Even though most websites ID the Agave weevil as different from the Yucca weevil, there seems to be no difference in the damage. Secondary infections by various pathogen often result from feeding damage.

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