IDK a dang thing about fashion, but I do know that when you see a pair of sharp looking tiger feet sneakers for half off, you order those dang shoes! 🐯 I’m super excited for the new kicks to arrive even though I probably won’t be wearing them out until after I get vaccinated sometime this summer. 🙃⏳🗓💉


I’ve been sitting on this info for a bit, and I’m so excited I kind of don’t even know how to say it… the TL;DR version: The Starfleet uniform in “Star Trek: Lower Decks” is based on a design by me! When Mike was creating the pitch for the show, he asked me to design some possible uniforms, and so I did. One of those uniforms is like, 96% the basis for the final design that you see in the show! 😱 So naturally, I drew this to commemorate the occasion! 🤓

Additional background for those who enjoy long rambling historical context: Six years ago, before I ever met Mike, his TNG Season 8 Twitter account was already a viral hit. Dafna and I were starting a Star Trek Zine and she had roped him into writing some tweets for the zine, which I would illustrate. 

The zine was a solid hit, Mike and I met and got along thick as thieves—and a few months later, Mike hired me to illustrate the book version of TNG Season 8, which was later titled “Star Trek The Next Generation: WARPED” (availableonamazonforprimeshippingsorrynotsorry). 

Fast forward a few years, and last night I attended the (virtual) premiere of Mike’s show “Star Trek: Lower Decks”! I can’t believe it! (BY THE WAY, the show is hilarious and beautiful, and chock full of Easter Eggs for hardcore Trek fans! I can’t wait for everyone to watch it! ❤️💛💙)

Profiles In Nerdery

I stumbled across this old gem from ye olde daye jobbe, and thought I’d share it. It’s a staff profile of me that appeared in the letters/editorial section of Simpsons Comics circa 2003. ENJOY:

click above for larger view

A few things have changed in the past 10 years… buuut I’m still basically the same nerdy doofus. What can I say,I YAM WHAT I AM, Popeye styles.

Hair and Now


Something that happened to me at my friend’s wedding. (This is a 93% true story… in the real version, the rhino’s martini didn’t have an olive in it.)

I am a terrible letterer!

Pillow Fortitude

This basically really happened. It has been one of those weeks.

click above for larger view

By the way, those throw pillows are based on the actual ones on my couch. YEAH, I’M A DUDE WHO KNOWS HOW TO ACCENT HIS LIVING ROOM, SO WHAT?

This should have gone up on Tuesday. For those keeping track, I have missed a total of 4 posts (that includes Tuesday as well as my previous illness-induced delinquency). Don’t worry about me forgetting to make those posts up, the number is etched in my brain, lit up with the red hot fires of shame.

True Tales of Bronchitis #1

First, I am acknowledging that this post is late.

Second, when I say I’m hacking up Lovecraftian horrors, I really mean it:

click above for larger view

I pencilled this while I was actually sick, and finally got around to inking and coloring it. The lettering, you can see… is a bit jury rigged. I drew the sound effects by hand, and did sloppy lettering in Photoshop. I’m capable of doing a rudimentary version of professional lettering in Illustrator, but I confess, I was just too lazy. In retrospect, I should have simply hand-lettered the dialogue to match the hand-lettered sound effects.

For some time I have been meaning to shift the focus of my blog to begin including sequential art. So, I guess this is the start of that. I honestly can’t claim that I have any idea how this will go, but let’s just see what happens…

Shinobi Me

So first I drew myself as a Naruto-style ninja, and then Jazyl did the same. This got Jazyl, Dylan, and myself talking about drawing ourselves as a Naruto-style three-man ninja cell.

We talked about our characters a little, Jazyl continued to refine his design, and I even pencilled my avatar out (though I never scanned it and therefore never showed anyone). But as happens, we all kind of got busy and forgot about it. That was 3 years ago, and last week Jazyl posted this:

click above to visit Jazyl’s gallery

BAM! Such an awesome piece, that I’m totally honored to be portrayed in (that’s me on the right with the mohawk, naturally). Please do yourselves a favor and check out Jazyl’s Deviant Art gallery, he’s a great illustrator!

So, the gauntlet has been thrown–now Dylan and I both need to draw a group shot of the three of us as ninjas. For me, the first step of that process is finally inking up and coloring the picture I drew of my own shinobi avatar:

click above for larger view

The original story for our characters was that we were going to be ninjas from the village of Hidden Wacom. Three deadly digital art ninjas, if you will. As you can see, my avatar is armed with ancient relics–a Wacom Graphire II tablet (shoulder), along with a stylus (pendant), and mouse (hand guard). And yes, for those who are wondering, I’m still rocking all my digital art with a Graphire II from like 1999.

This is a more basic design, so I will probably change things up when I draw the completed group shot. I feel like the bar has been raised! Also, Jazyl has developed the story more, and now he has assigned our ninjas to the village of Hidden Paint, which definitely sounds classier. In the end, each piece will be it’s own take on the matter, but I think that’s the fun part. I’m making the ninja group shot a short-term goal, so stay tuned–more on this as it develops!

JASONBOT.COM starts here!

Please correct your bookmarks and readers as necessary!

click above for larger view


Greetings, Programs!

Welcome to my new blog, now hosted on my very own domain: JASONBOT.COM!

You will find that all of the posts from my old blog have been imported to the new site–however they have not yet been altered, which means that some links are going to redirect you to the old site. My apologies for that! Over the next several weeks (possibly months) I will be working hard to make sure that the links in every single post are updated. I’ll also be overhauling the post tags/categories, and just generally trying to class the joint up. The details aren’t important, just stick around.

For those interested in a little background–I started my old blog on New Year’s Day of 2007, with a goal of posting 2 color sketches a week. I took about 6 months off in the latter half of 2010, however, by my calculations–adjusting for the the intensified posting while I was working on the Help the Cheerleader commissions–I still averaged roughly 2 drawings per week. So, with 5 years in the can on the old blog, it seemed like a good time to begin anew.

Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning, or only just stumbled upon this blog, thank you for reading! I hope you stick around for my nerdy scribblings and my geeky ramblings.

A special thanks to Kevin Church, who I obliquely referred to in my very first blog post, and who very generously worked his magic to create a blog template (for this site) that fit my needs and wants!

Okay, that’s all for now. Regular posting should resume this Tuesday. And off we go!

Happy New Year, you nerds!

Lo-Fi Cosplay that I didn’t do (Part 2 of 2)

Very briefly, to summarize Comic-Con (and I apologize if you read my Twitter feed, because this will be repetitive… actually, I just apologize if you read my Twitter feed at all): It was a lot of fun–the most fun I ever had at Comic-Con, and anyone who knows me knows that I am not prone to engage in positive hyperbole when it comes to the beast known more formally as “Comic-Con International.”

Exhibitors and attendees alike–everyone at Con seemed like they were mellower and doing a better job managing their biznizz. The weather was far more moderate than the blazing temperatures + wretched humidity that usually accompany Con. And probably, most importantly, I let go of any perceived obligation to “cover” the convention floor. I met and hung out with a lot of cool people, and I even managed to pick up all the nerd loot that was on my radar.

But, back to me drawing nerdy crap:

Continuing from last week’s post, today I have yet another concept sketch of a lo-fi cosplay idea (that I have yet to actually execute). It’s me as Marvel Comics’ Super-Adaptoid! Or possibly the Super-Adaptoid’s slacker son, Kid Adaptoid. Yeah, I totally copied the idea of Kid Amazo and made that up just now. Anywaaays:

Basically, this idea arose when I realized that you could totally buy up all the Marvel Comics role-play toys (Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, etc), and spray paint them in shades of green to make a Super-Adaptoid costume. The mask would be a modified Wolverine mask (cut to resemble Hawkeye’s mask) grafted on to a modified Iron Man mask.

I said “mask” too many times in that last sentence.

As I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself… The wings would be made from scratch (I’m thinking cardboard), and the rest would be pretty easy to figure out with little or no real costuming abilities. Perfect for my skill level! I hope I can get around to making some version of this costume, even if I just wear it while sitting in front of my computer at home. Yeah, I said it, so that you didn’t have to.

Back to commissions for Help The Cheerleader next week!

Post Script: I am well aware the term “lo-fi” refers to audio quality and therefore would seemingly have nothing to do with a sketch or a costume. I hope you will pardon the verbal liberty that I have taken.

Lo-Fi Cosplay that I didn’t do (Part 1 of 2)

Believe it or not, I was contemplating some lo-fi cosplay for Comic-Con this year, but due to time constraints and, how you say… LAZINESS, I decided against it. However, since the beast Comic-Con is upon us, I figured that drawing up the cosplay concepts from my head would be appropriate. Here’s the first one, me as a Green Lantern:


I have truly been enjoying working on the sketch commissions for Help the Cheerleader, but being so entrenched in analog media, I’ve really been feeling a craving to do some digital coloring again. It felt good to stretch my Wacom muscles.

Tune in next week for a Comic-Con wrap-up and another costume concept. Also green-themed, but a bit more involved, and drawing from Marvel’s fiction rather than DC’s.

Post Script: I am well aware the term “lo-fi” refers to audio quality and therefore would seemingly have nothing to do with a sketch or a costume. I hope you will pardon the verbal liberty that I have taken.

MACHO WEEK!!! (Part 2 of 3, The Moldy Oldie Edition)

MACHO WEEK continues, with a piece of vintage nerdery from my archives, drawn and colored in 1999. TWELVE years ago.

Let’s think about this people. That was before 9-11, before the dot-com bust, before the (still ongoing) energy crisis, before I owned a car or a DVD player. I was fresh out of college, just starting out full time at the day-job after interning there for 2 years (same day-job that I have today, by the way), and living in a tiny studio apartment that paradoxically had a huge walk-in closet (which I filled up with comic books and action figures–mostly Beast Wars at the time).

So… I confess, this was drawn to impress a geeky girl who I was talking to at the time. Believe it or not, the subjects in the illustration were our common points of interest–and there’s the Macho One himself, front and center! Oh, and I’m in the picture too, inbetween Optimus Prime in Pikachu, because apparently I have a raging ego. For what it’s worth, I think the girl was in fact impressed by this. However, things didn’t work out for a number of complicated reasons which I will not bore you with. You know how it goes.

click above for larger view

Man, just look at this thing. It was one of the first things I ever colored in Photoshop, and I thought I was pretty hot stuff, using the Dodge/Burn tool to render the shading. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

And yet, here we are, twelve years later. My drawing is a little better, and my coloring is much better. And I still pretty much won’t shut up about Macho Man, Transformers, Batman, Pokemon, Miyazaki movies, and Bruce Lee.

Tune in on Friday for the final installment of MACHO WEEK!!!


Sometimes, like a jerk, I waste hours and hours playing Angry Birds, a game meant to be a casual distraction, which has instead become an obsessive… obsession. Other times (still like a jerk) I post a super-late blog. Here is such a blog post now:

On Friday night I was too tired to draw, so I went to bed with the intention of playing a few levels of Angry Birds and then going to sleep. Fast forward to: me staying up until 9:30am, when I finally went to sleep (cursing at myself all the while). Woke up a few hours later and headed to the Long Beach Comic Expo, where I hung out with Dustin and Peter Nguyen (they are not related!), and drew this. Peter was kind enough to lend me a pen so that I could ink it. I drew another piece too, which I came home and inked, and will be posted this week in a timely manner, unlike today’s sketch.

I’ve been in sort of a rut lately, in addition to being busy with assorted other things. It was very eye opening to me that I was able to go hang with some friends, and even on very little sleep, bust out two drawings very quickly. I guess even weirdo recluses such as myself need to occasionally leave our secret lairs and get a change of scenery.

(But seriously, Angry Birds is really fun.)

Bang Your Head

Heh… heheh…

Been a little busy, working on stuff not yet ready to share, and I found myself banging my head against the wall trying to figure something out. I figured it out though! Will share progress as soon as possible (which won’t necessarily be all that soon). Love, Me.

This isn’t "goodbye"… this is, "see you later, after an undetermined interval of time… probably."

With a heavy heart, I am putting this blog on temporary hiatus.

At the moment, I kind of feel like Life is stepping on my neck. I’m just a little too busy with the day-job, a little too burnt out overall, and a little too dissatisfied with some of the lazy posts I’ve been putting up. Plus there’s all the other stuff that goes on in life, miscellaneous things that I’m trying to work on outside of the blog, not to mention Comic-Con coming up next week… woof.

So I’ll be taking off an unspecified period of time, with the intention of refreshing my outlook, and renewing my dedication to this blog, and to my productivity in general. Before I go, I leave you with this:

click above for larger view

Of course long-time blog readers will recognize this as a callback to a much older post. Sure, I might be a big baby who can’t take the heat… but at least I’ve improved artistically, right? I think it must be destiny for me to take a break–as I finished this drawing, I realized that I was in fact wearing that shirt.

Thank you for your patronage, Dear Reader. With any luck, I’ll be back soon.