More Snow Than Man…

As per the traditions of my people (my people = procrastinating nerdy illustrators), I’m posting a Christmas blog barely in time for the holiday.

Today’s drawing is an homage to the holiday season, the Aurora Borealis, and to Shotaro Ishinomori, the father of the Japanese Superhero. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the cyborg snowman, SNOWBORG 12-25!

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This was supposed to be quick and simple, but I got really into making it SHINY in the coloring stage. Since I haven’t been doing much digital coloring recently, I think maybe this was exactly the right thing to get me to brush the dust off the old tablet.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, dear reader!

Kensei Nikorasu!

Clad in a festive holiday cardigan, and armed with an indestructable black blade, Sword Saint Nicholas ventures into primal forests to carve wondrous toys out of granite and petrified wood for the virtuous children of the world. For wicked children, Sword Saint Nicholas has a different gift–a swift death at the end of his black blade!

What is this hero’s connection to the Shinobi Santa, Kage Kringle???

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Happy Holidays, Folks!

Kage Kuringoru Densetsu

(Posting early for the holidays, tune in on Friday for a bonus post… )

Josh says this in IM:

[23:25] JOSH: next time you guys do a sketch off
[23:25] JOSH: i’d like to see ninja santas

So you get this:

click above for larger view

KAGE KRINGLE, the Shinobi Santa, gives razor-sharp kunai to all the good little ninjas at winter time. He also gives razor-sharp kunai to naughty ninjas… kunai which are delivered to their hearts. So be good, for goodness sake.