Robotech Tuesdays: Lynn Kyle

People think Minmei is the worst Robotech character, but they forget about this dude:

His name is Lynn Kyle, and he’s a sullen, cousin-kissing, peacenik hippie, draped in a fringed leather jacket. He doesn’t even have a wikipedia entry. ‘Nuff said.

Robotech Tuesdays: Miriya Parina Sterling

The infamous Zentradi ace who fell in love with an Earthling (Max Sterling) and defected, Miriya Parina Sterling:

In the actual anime, Miriya doesn’t show up in this uniform much–so it was tough to find reference for the colors. The uncolored design for the uniform, which differs slightly from the one that the female bridge officers wear, was in one of my Robotech art books. In the instances where Miriya is wearing this uniform, the colors are inconsistent, but I found some images on the internet (possibly screengrabs from a Macross video game?) that backed up a particular version of the colors that I liked best, so I went with that. And that’s how my boring story ended!

R.I.P. Carl Macek

There are a handful of key figures who are responsible for the popularity of anime in the Western world–Carl Macek was one of them–he passed away last month.

click above for larger view

Most notably, Carl was responsible for combining three unrelated series into one saga, and introducing them to America under the title Robotech. For an entire generation of nerds, including myself, this was our introduction to anime.

Thanks for everything, Carl!

Robotech Tuesdays: Max Sterling

Quick note before I get to today’s post… I’m going to be changing my web hosting soon, so any art that’s older than, um, last week, might be offline for a bit while I transfer things over. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey kids, look: it’s ace Veritech pilot Max Sterling!

Robotech Tuesdays: Roy Fokker

Before I get to today’s post, I want to comment on a very good question brought up in the comments section. My old crony Gavin (no link available) writes:

“How come you did the women of Robotech without [Miriya]?”

Fret not, Dear Readers, although the first three entries of Robotech Tuesdays were all women, and I have switched over to posting drawings of the male characters for the moment, I have every intention of getting back to the ladies of Robotech. Miriya, Azonia, Vannessa, Kim, and Sammy–all of them are in the pipeline. And I intend for my Robotech coverage to be comprehensive–I’m not just focussing on the Macross Saga by any means. Characters from Southern Cross, Invid Invasion, and even the Sentinels and Shadow Chronicles are all going to be covered in due time!

But for now… from the Robotech saga, here’s Roy Fokker, big brother figure, ace pilot, and ladies man!

Robotech Tuesdays: Lynn Minmei

People don’t cut Lynn Minmei a lot of slack–I’ll admit she’s kind of an annoying character, but I think that’s because she’s (accurately) written as a person lacking life experience.

And now for your listening enjoyment (or displeasure), here are Minmei’s biggest hits:

Robotech Tuesdays: Claudia Grant

In 2010 (wow, that sounds weirdly futuristic), I resolve to occasionally spare you, dear reader, from punny titles. See, today’s title is straight-forward and pun free!

My apologies to purists–while I do respect and enjoy Macross as the rightfully independent entity that it is (in fact Macross Plus is one of my favorite anime of all time), I still love Robotech, and it was a formative influence.

Here’s Claudia Grant, 2nd Officer of the SDF-1:

Robotech Tuesdays will occur at intervals of my choosing until I’m done drawing Robotech characters, tire of the exercise, or get distracted by a shiny object! So it is said, so it shall be done!

2009 in Review

This is the last post for the year 2009, and I would be remiss if I did not mention the most significant events of not only this year, but of the collective history of our planet.

Of course I’m referring to the unveiling of the SDF-1, and the subsequent extraterrestial attacks that Earth has experienced at the hands of the invaders known as the Zentradi. Only time will tell how our planet’s first encounter with aliens will affect our future, but until then, I’ve still got a blog to maintain. This is a drawing of Commander Lisa Hayes, first officer of the SDF-1:

Here’s to a 2010 with less alien attacks and continued ultra-nerdy blogging by yours truly… SEE YA NEXT YEAR, KIDS!