Saw an amazing bootleg Thundercat action figure on @scar1321’s page, and decided to turn it into an art challenge with my good pal Dylan, AKA @happymonkeyshoes—hit up his feed to check out his version! We each came up with the cat skull version of the Thundercats logo independently!

Dylan suggested this guy is a space phantom version of Lion-O, and I love the idea that he is to Lion-O what Faker is to He-Man, but with some extra cosmic power! Sooo of course I wrote up a nerdy-ass bio too:

* * *

The evil MUMM-RA harnesses the power of a black hole to create a shadowy clone of the heroic lord of the Thundercats, LION-O! The being that emerges is imbued with potent cosmic power, and has the ability to manifest weapons of pure psychic power that mimic LION-O’s Claw Shield and Sword of Omens. MUMM-RA expects this entity to serve him loyally, but in reality the doppelgänger has a sinister agenda of his own… and woe to all on Third Earth that stand in the way of SHAD-O!