Big thanks to Brian Warmoth and Comics Alliance! And an apology for my terrible timing!

Brian Warmoth wrote a very generous article about this very blog over at Comics Alliance, which came completely out of the blue!

Please check out both Comics Alliance and Brian Warmoth’s personal blog:

I cannot thank Brian Warmoth and Comics Alliance enough for putting my art in front of so many viewers. But I will try: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

However, this means that I have chosen a terrible time to put the blog on hiatus, which I apologize for. Unfortunately current circumstances are what they are, so I’ll still need a bit of a break. Rest assured, that with encouragement like this, I will definitely be back sooner rather than later. See you soon, folks!

This isn’t "goodbye"… this is, "see you later, after an undetermined interval of time… probably."

With a heavy heart, I am putting this blog on temporary hiatus.

At the moment, I kind of feel like Life is stepping on my neck. I’m just a little too busy with the day-job, a little too burnt out overall, and a little too dissatisfied with some of the lazy posts I’ve been putting up. Plus there’s all the other stuff that goes on in life, miscellaneous things that I’m trying to work on outside of the blog, not to mention Comic-Con coming up next week… woof.

So I’ll be taking off an unspecified period of time, with the intention of refreshing my outlook, and renewing my dedication to this blog, and to my productivity in general. Before I go, I leave you with this:

click above for larger view

Of course long-time blog readers will recognize this as a callback to a much older post. Sure, I might be a big baby who can’t take the heat… but at least I’ve improved artistically, right? I think it must be destiny for me to take a break–as I finished this drawing, I realized that I was in fact wearing that shirt.

Thank you for your patronage, Dear Reader. With any luck, I’ll be back soon.

Lazy Summer Afternoon

I enjoyed a relaxed, lazy summer afternoon this past weekend:

click above for larger view

Please pardon the frosty palette–we have been blessed in Los Angeles with some nice overcast days and cool temperatures. The blistering heat will arrive soon enough, so I’m enjoying this while I can.

Not Quite Cuckoo

I’ve been itching to get back to some sculpting, and finally had a chance over the long weekend. This was supposed to be a cuckoo, but the crest got a bit too big, and instead it looks like some kind of gold-colored cardinal:

click above for larger view

The burnt tips on the crest and tail feathers are strictly a happy accident–I let this thing cook for too long! The gold Premo Sculpey that I used was a bit harder and slightly more crumbly than the other types of Sculpey I’ve tried, and unfortunately there were a few cracks after the baking. I don’t think volume or size was the problem, as my previous tiger project had no cracks whatsoever (the bird is just under 2 inches tall, while the tiger is closer to 3 inches tall, and obviously much longer). The transition between the neck and chest is somewhat awkward, and the head got flattened a bit along the way, but overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.

Sculpting is a lot of fun. Maybe it’s because it’s a change of pace, or because I’m not so familiar with the process of it, but I find the whole experience to be really relaxing. Hopefully I’ll be able to set aside some more sculpting time in the near future!

For, Forer, Forest

Just had an itch to play with some color in Photoshop. This probably took me about an hour:

AND BY THE WAY: all image links are now officially fixeddd! Enjoy all the super nerdy drawings on my super nerdy blog, from the present day stretching back continuously into the ancient, ancient past of early 2007! Thank you for your patronage and patience.


When I am IMing with Dustin in the wee hours of the night, this happens:

1:31:00 AM Dustin: [CENSORED]
1:31:04 AM Jason: LOL
1:31:06 AM Jason: wth???

1:31:10 AM Dustin: lol
1:31:11 AM Jason: you are a sick sick man
1:31:12 AM Dustin: just sayin…
1:31:27 AM Jason: yes, you are indeed just sayin
1:31:38 AM Dustin: like dragon ball z man
1:31:41 AM Dustin: just saiyan
1:31:47 AM Jason: hahahahahaah
1:31:51 AM Jason: +700 nerd points to you
1:31:55 AM Dustin: lol
1:32:44 AM Jason: lol…. you should draw a picture of goku shrugging and at the bottom it says “just saiyan”
1:32:57 AM Dustin: YOU should

And thus:

click above for larger view

I did some research, and as it turns out, we were not the first two geniuses to stumble upon this pun. But I still felt that this particular version required rendering. Just saiyan.