To the Vector Go The Spoils

Another exhausted early post:

A little something different–today’s illustration was sketched loosely in Photoshop and then inked and colored in Illustrator (I did also do a few tiny touch-ups in Photoshop). For those who don’t know the difference, Illustrator is a Vector-based graphics program, while Photoshop is a Pixel-based graphics program. This page gives a quick overview about the differences between the two, and you can read here if you want more details.

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The colors are not quite what I expected–they looked different after I imported the image into Photoshop. I think maybe I need to adjust my color profile in Illustrator or something? Maybe someone who, unlike me, actually knows what they’re talking about could offer some helpful advice about this issue?

The whole purpose of this was to practice my vector skillz, and on that note I think this drawing/concept was just a little too involved for a vector rookie like myself. To achieve what I’m envisioning in my head (in terms of vector illustration), I need to learn to simplify shapes a bit more, and general simplify and stylize my drawings. I am however, happy with the way the bamboo “print” on the tunic turned out. It’s far from perfect, but as an experiment to gauge what I can do with vector illustration, it was a success.

Since the completion of this piece, I’ve done a few simpler vector sketches, which I will, of course, be sharing over the next few weeks, dear reader.

5 thoughts on “To the Vector Go The Spoils

  1. I like the fact that you are posting a practice sketch.

    The shading looks a bit odd, especially the skin color. It looks like she put on a very uneven coat of tanning lotion.

    Interesting stuff.

  2. Nice…. um…. guns? (yeah I’m doing that thing with the arms out in front like I’m curling a barbell)

  3. gavin: lol… i think of it as more of an uneven tan than uneven tanning lotion.

    mark hale: if this resembles your lady friend, then i saulte you sir. WELL DONE.

    ahnk-fish’s real father: yes they are.

    jamilyn: hahaha…

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