Handy Man

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My second entry for the Practice Makes Perfect Art Jam. The subject this time is “The Three Hands of the Dead“:

Yeah, I know there are four hands there–out of all my sketches I was happy with four, so I figured I’d throw in the extra one. I had so much fun with my Sasquatch post, that I basically used the same technique again–sketched in purple pencil (Col-Erase is my brand of choice, in case you were wondering), and outlined with a hot pink Prismacolor marker (yes, the color was actually called hot pink) and an ultra-fine black Sharpie.

As for the hands themselves, I think I did an okay, if bland job of it. Check out the other entries at Practice Makes Perfect.

3 thoughts on “Handy Man

  1. hot pink….


    ANYWAYS, these are pretty good. not great, but good. I’d like to see u do more life drawing.

    I’m a little shocked. With a name like The Three Hands of the Dead I would expect you to do a sketch of an undead monkey with three arms. A bit disappointed in that respect. Otherwise, good stuff here.

  2. charles– life drawing, bah! that’s for arteests! i’m just a geek with an over-active wacom pad! in all seriousness, it’s been a while since i’ve done any life drawing. i enjoy it, but it’s tough to make the time.

    patrick– thanks dude!

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