A Not-So-Familiar Face…

(Posting a wee bit early today…)

Just a quick little pen sketch, with some Photoshop colors slapped in. Anybody remember this little guy?

Not an obscure 80’s cartoon, not a hoax, and not a fever dream–it’s Cog, the title character of The Legend of Cog, an ashcan comic that I sold at Comic-Con in 2006. Basically the 24-page mini-comic is the lead-in to a much larger story which, theoretically, will see the light of day within the next couple of years. You can read the first eight pages at http://www.legendofcog.com/. Unfortunately, that website has been horribly neglected (as has Cog) for the past year. Again, theoretically, I should be updating that site soon.

There won’t be a new issue of Cog at this year’s convention, but I am pretty busy working on a few other things for the convention–a sketchbook, and two give-away postcards (one of which features Cog himself). I’ll post more about that stuff and talk a little bit about where I’m at on The Legend of Cog as the convention gets closer.

6 thoughts on “A Not-So-Familiar Face…

  1. YES!!! My eyes don’t decieve me. It is Cog. I’ve missed this little guy. I can’t wait to see more J.

  2. ren– your fixation for cod is bordering on troy mclurism!

    charles and patrick– hahaha… thx for the enthusiasm guys!

    annonymous– no not at all, but he does has cheeseburger.

    jamilyn–check today’s post!

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