Another quick one; Vinny suggested a “zombie baller”:

click above for larger view

I’m surprisingly pleased with how this one turned out. It sure ain’t perfect, but overall, I think it ‘works.’ I purposely made the shading on this one more ‘contrast-y’ for a slightly more dramatic look. Incidentally, I don’t watch sports (at all) and he’s not supposed to resemble anybody or be from any particular team.


6 thoughts on “Brainsketball

  1. Wow, love your finished pieces. Great sense of color. My personal favorite is the zombie basketball player…I love zombie-anything!

  2. brainsketball is what happens when someone says something that is too clever. like you say, “stop playing brainsketball with me, i’m still hung over.” genius!

  3. ren: you and your perverted mind! you’re going to corrupt my kind and pure heart!
    lordshen: dude, wish i had thought of that one.
    illgnosis: thanks mang, i gotta finish my version of that one before i post the jam version… soon my friend, soon…
    joy: thank you so much–i’m glad you dropped in!
    annie: as i have told you in person, we are going to bring this into common usage i tell you. COMMON USAGE!

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