A Shocking Event: I have drawn a character from an 80’s cartoon.

(Well, I’m running off of no sleep, so I’m posting early rather than risking a loss of consciousness and a late post. Enjoy.)

An entry for a re-design challenge at the He-Man.org fan-art forum. The subject is Castaspella, ruler of the magical land of Mystacor and an ally of She-Ra. I didn’t have much to express about Castaspella (in terms of a real re-design) but I did want to draw her, so I posted my drawing but abstained from entering the contest. My version is really a minor tweak rather than a true re-design. The thread is here, my post is here. Check out the other entries in the voting threads here and here. The final voting thread is here.

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This picture is based on Castaspella’s cartoon incarnation, as opposed to her toy incarnation (a pic based on the toy version is in the works). The toy was billed as an “Enchantress who Hypnotizes”; I have instead billed her as “Heroic Mage-Queen of Mystacor” because A) she never hypnotized anyone in the cartoon, and B) she was the heroic mage-queen of the country Mystacor.

The main tweak in my take is that I merged her top and skirt into a dress (and juggled some colors around accordingly), in an attempt to accentuate the ‘go go girl’ look that Castaspella sported in the cartoon. Her posture is meant to have a bit of a haughty aristocratic feel. If I could change one thing, I would make her hair more curly.

2 thoughts on “A Shocking Event: I have drawn a character from an 80’s cartoon.

  1. I am impressed by a) your ability to still string words together in a cohesive and wry manner befitting the Oh Snap! Blog…and b) you were able to STILL draw a va-va-va voom 80’s cartoon chick….all on no sleep and no caffeine. DAMMIT HO, HOW DO YOU DOOOO IT?! (shaking my fists at you)

  2. lol… well, sorry to disappoint, but the drawing and post were pre-prepared. but i’m glad you liked the va-va-va-voom. :D also, note the hour at which i am posting a response: i have not slept. O_O

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