As in, Comic-Con! But also as in, Khan Noonien Singh!


By the powers of black magic and unholy witchcraft (AKA the miracles of modern technology), this entry in my blog is being auto-posted while I am away. As you read this, I am at Comic-Con, wasting my money on action figures of obscure nerdy characters, wasting my time at super-nerdy panels, and most importantly wasting my dignity ogling super-hott booth babes. I will be back next week, and I’m sure I will have a thing or two to say about Comic-Con.

If you are at or heading to Comic-Con, please check out my previous post to see some shameless plugs of my friends and cronies peddling their wares at Comic-Con.

  • Fun Fact: The original title for this post was “From Hell’s heart, I blog at thee!”

3 thoughts on “Con!

  1. If the timing was not so appropriate, I would have much preferred your original title for the post.

    Are these the only two Wrath of Khan posts? Do I get to see Chekov in his spacesuit?

    I love the movie related sketch posts!

  2. I love this sketch. Man Wrath of KHAN! was one of my favorite Star Trek Movies..

    BTW~ do you remember me.. I colored a few issues of Necessary Evil


  3. gavin: no more “wrath of khan” posts on my mind just now, but i think it would be reasonable to expect more star trek movie-related posts here. glad you’re diggin these!

    wynston: thanks man… and of course i know who you are! lol

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