Roger’s Better Half

Mashi is hosting a Jessica Rabbit jam on Deviant Art. Check out the everyone’s pieces in her journal entry. Here’s mine:

click above for larger view

Hmmm… I’m not sure if this piece is a success or not. On the one hand, Jessica Rabbit is not (and should not be) subtle. But on the other hand, my drawing goes a little too far in the opposite direction and is sort of… trashy? There are other problems with the drawing in general, but I am pleased with the face/hair, and the solution I came up with for rendering sequins. Live and learn.

Should I draw Holli Would next?

One thought on “Roger’s Better Half

  1. I think the post headline could've been something like "Insert "motorboat sounds" here." But that's just me.
    Guh-Gung, Sir. Guh-Gung. *tipping my hat*

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