Gorn Again

Since it was First Contact Day earlier in the week, I’m in a Star Trek mood… well actually, I’m always in a Star Trek mood. 😎

ANYWAYZ, here’s my interpretation of the charmingly inaccurate vintage Gorn action figure by Mego. The toy re-used a head from Spider-Man’s foe, the Lizard, and was garbed in a Klingon uniform. Star Trek Online presents the concept of multiple alien races being part of the Klingon Defense Force, so I figured why not import that concept into the TOS era and really lean into the Klingon thing? I added a TOS era Klingon belt buckle and turned the toy’s bright red weapon and communicator into proper Klingon gear (but retained some bright red colors). I also made the eyes more Gorny, but mostly tried to leave the head as-is.

I see this guy as a rank and file soldier who was transferred from the Gorn military as part of some boring treaty between the Gorn Hegemony and the Klingon Empire. He’s oddly good at his job despite being pretty uninterested in it–there’s a promotion in his future, but he could care less.

(Previously I also drew interpretations of Mego’s Mugato and Neptunian figures, as well as a non-Mego Gorn. Yes–I do know how to party. 🤓)