Admiral Nyota Uhura

One more for the late great Nichelle Nichols!

Imagining** Uhura as an admiral later in life, circa TNG era (if McCoy was alive then, she could have been too!). FYI she’s got one more rank pip wrapping around the other side of her collar, you know Nyota wouldn’t stop at just Vice Admiral! The uniform is a hodge podge of various styles, because it seems like it was pretty much the wild west when it came to TNG era admiral uniforms. Also added a completely made-up Admiral’s variant coat just for a little extra pomp and circumstance.

** Apologies to followers of Star Trek novels and comics–I’m sure Uhura’s later life is well-covered in fiction, but I haven’t read any just yet–when it comes to Trek, I’m only versed in on-screen stuff! 🙏