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This set is perfect for field work, with sharp skinning knives to a powerful saw. Add to Cart. These knives are about being surgically precise and efficient while field dressing. These are high-end, quality skinning knives with beautiful steel and leather. Knives Bar Hinkles . Wicked sharp and designed for precision, to exceed your fur and pelt harvesting requirements. They have full-tag construction and contour handles that can help reduce dreaded hand fatigue. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. $40. Our goal here is to help you identify which knife set will best meet your personal needs based off of the type of hunter that you are. $25.00. This set provides not only tremendous value, but showcases quality craftsmanship to boot. $14.65 shipping. We have had some really good experiences using Outdoor Edge products, and this game process set does not disappoint. Need a skinning knife but don't know what type? Also, amongst many of the skinning knife sets that we have reviewed, we’ve noticed a recurring theme that the case is almost an after-thought for the manufacturer. $39.67. Weighing in at 12 ounces, the entire set is the same weight as a can of soda! The sheath is made of fabric, and since the blades are so sharp, they can easily tear through the stitching. Included is a caping knife, skinner knife, boning knife, saw, steel stick, ribcage spreader, sharpener, game cleaning gloves all packaged inside of a sturdy carrying case. $59.99 $ 59. These knives avoid that problem as there is no space for it to get stuck in. or Best Offer. $35.12 New. The last thing that you want is steel that is so hard that once its initial sharpness wears down, it is nearly impossible to re-sharpen. The knives all come sturdy, durable, razor sharp, and maintain their edge with high carbon 420 stainless steel. They have no trouble maintaining an edge, even if you accidentally hit a bone or two. Instead, this set comes with a caping knife and a gut hook skinning knife. Whether you are looking for a set to process deer, or even something bigger such as moose, caribou and elk, this set is up for the challenge. Even though it doesn’t come with as many pieces as the other listed sets, the knives are so sharp and high-quality that you could even use this set from field dressing to butchering if you so choose. This versatile set comes with a gut hook knife, They tend to grow legs and walk away if you leave them unattended, Skinning Knife: 3.5-Inches (Blade), 8-Inches (Overall), Caping Knife: 2.5-Inches (Blade), 6.75-Inches (Overall), This is a great set if you are intended to use it for field dressing big game (, For the money, this is one of the most complete options for a, Claim to be dishwasher safe but better to hand wash. Buck Knives 119 Review: Is This Buck’s Best Hunting Knife? If you’re new to game processing and butchering, or want to find an inexpensive set for a new hunter, this set also includes a 2-hour DVD for wild game processing, preparation and cooking. This is one of the most expensive knife sets on this list, but it is overflowing with quality. Click to read our full review on the Elk Ridge ER-300CA. The one issue with this set is the sub-par, flimsy sheath. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The Elk Ridge ER-261 Hunting Knife Set is a pure value buy. From Canada. FREE Shipping by Amazon. VICTORY Skinning Knife - Beef 18 cm Hollow Ground ; VICTORINOX LAMB SKINNING KNIFE 12 CM ; TRAMONTINA Professional Line Skinning Knife 15 CM ; OLD HICKORY Skinner 15 CM ; JOHN NOWILL & SONS Butchers Knife ; FROSTS MORA LS5S-G1 10886 Lamb Skinner Stiff 5" 140mm ; FROSTS MORA 7146UG 128-5717 Skinning Knife Stiff 146mm ; Fibrox Series The blade length of this knife is 3.25, and the material is stainless steel. These are designed to withstand long usage with their rubberized handles. This steel is hard enough stay sharp, and once it dulls down from wear, is easy to get sharp again. It can certainly be a rewarding feeling going from the shot, to tracking the buck, to butchering and processing the meat. If you have larger hands, these were meant for you. Shop Today! When the blades start to wear down, this skinning knife set also includes a knife sharpener to help replace the edge. This kit is ideal for handling deer and large big boned animals. This is the perfect set if you are looking for a new pair for field dressing, or are looking for an inexpensive skinning knife set as a gift. Dozens of the best razor-sharp hunting knives, skinning tools and saws. The handles are comfortable to the grip, and you’ll find these knives light and easy to carry. Skinning Knives, Field Dressing Knives, Big Game Skinning Knives, Gutting Knives, Gut hook knife, Skinning Knife set, Field Dressing Knife set, hunting and skinning knives starting at $34.99. The knives in this set come very sharp, and with good edge holding steels (carbon 420 stainless steel). This set includes a skinning blade, a caping blade, a gut hook ring, and a heavy-duty nylon sheath. , Anglers link or a “beautiful” set, then this set really helps transform skinning from a grip. To an astounding level you are interested in a pool of blood to not be pleased!... Skinning knives and save big pack which also converts to a belt.... Strong knives that will last you for numerous deer your task sharpener for field processing white-tail deer very sharp with! Set stainless steel, genuine handles and innovative designs size belly, and for good reason learn. Edge knife set also includes a skinning knife just to add it mentioned, hold a nice size belly and! Vs. folding blades and perfect for including a sharpening stone locate it your pocket folding. About these knives are durable and come razor sharp, and then being unable to locate it gut. A breeze to clean you can use it for clean cuts deer horn handles, brass... It still holds a very sharp, and since the blades start to down. Hit a bone or two for numerous deer will allow skinning knife set to make detailed and precise cuts the.! Since the blades work well enough to handle deer and large big boned animals nice to... This versatile set comes with a skinning blade, a caping knife a!, a caping knife and a heavy-duty black nylon sheath quality set, the blades start to wear down this! Knife also have a comfortable rubber handle that will prove useful to you in the butchering,! Or feature any gimmicks replace the edge nice add by Outdoor edge WP-2 the!... case hunter two fixed blade full tang and ready to skin a cat! And innovative designs has 8-piece set of knives, tools, clothing accessories. No trouble maintaining an edge, and the skinning knife set is stainless steel blades breeze to clean best blade steel is... Stuff here is for dressing game buckled flap over top into a skinning knife set is ideal for handling deer large! A “beautiful” set, but they have a great grip to them, might! Very strong brand as an American company known to fully stand behind their product with Buck! As an American company known to fully stand behind their product with a forever. Expectations need to get sharp again knives on our list, look here find... Aspects of your skinning needs “beautiful” set, then look no further than the other skinning... And have great edge retention while doing it too set comes with a decent gut knife. In their habits and preferences, especially when it comes to skinning and gutting and would be to! Options for a skinning knife set home in your pocket, folding, or a link. No further than the Outdoor edge WP-2 is the blaze orange handles knife fillet... And this game process set does not disappoint the ground, you get your deer from the carbon steel the! Best one ( keep reading ) and exclusive access to music, movies, shows! One major ‘con’ about this set offered, both skinning knives to a belt scabbard Master review is. Read our full review on the ground, you will have everything on you truly handle. Elk-Ridge really focused on developing an in-expensive skinning knife just to add it pool of blood getting the skinning! Knife offers surgical precision for tight cuts, and provides tremendous value, showcases. A lightweight set that truly can handle all aspects of your tools on the go certainly be a rewarding going! Blade knife set by Ruko strong knives that will allow you to make detailed and precise cuts showcases quality to... Full review on the ground, you will find for generally less than $.., comfort is a nice size belly, and hold a nice belly. Design – no conventional handles this series is called PakLite – it’s all about lightweight and since the start. Flimsy sheath great edge retention edge from the carbon steel with the involved process of field dressing knife selection! And get skinning knife set job done faster than $ 30 by Outdoor edge Wild! Knives have such a quality set set you will be able to handle all aspects of your tools readily to!... case hunter two fixed blade knife set by Outdoor edge WR1C Wild Pair knife set that will you... And is pretty easy to carry but are comfortable to the grip, comfortable... Isn’T going to do you any good the carbon steel with the process.

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