why kerala is unique

Kerala is known for its tranquil backwaters that calm the soul. Woman entrepreneurs are part of founder groups, but not substantially. 'We have integrated start-up space created in almost all the 14 district headquarters of the state. But come Chingam and this town wears a whole different look. You can have it whenever you want. A mistaken fact about Sadhya is that it is not a dish, but a banquet served on a plantain leaf on certain occasions. Text Size: A- A+ . This has practically solved the funding issue. Kerala is probably best known for its backwaters; an extensive network of inland lakes and canals, stretching to over 900 kilometers (560 miles). Every historic structure and construction of Kerala follow Vastu Shastra. We now feel that the Start-Up India programme needs to move from the so-called first tier cities to the whole of India. But what is not so well known about Kerala is that the backwaters have a unique geography. Kerala is nicknamed the Land of spices, and the cuisine is also spice influenced. It is a fairly common sight to find people reading the local newspaper or books, sitting relaxed on their porches. Other than it, different architectural styles influenced by Buddhism, Harappan civilizations, Vedic, can be seen. Why Kerala very famous for Ayurveda Treatments The location of Kerala is in the South Western tip of India. Even the communist party that ruled Bengal, Tripura and Kerala failed to replicate it in other two states. In short, this recipe makes use of simple, freshly grated coconut, shallots, garlic, ginger, green chilis, plump tomatoes, and fresh curry leaves, adding a ton of flavor. The capital is Thiruvananthapuram. Policy/Economy Why Kerala situation is unique and hard to replicate anywhere else. Kerala Way of Life ‘Human by Nature’ refers to the unique connection between the people of Kerala and their land. Temples in Kerala significantly follows this architectural science. Developed through adaptation, absorption, and acculturation the culture is unique to Kerala. Why should you think about traveling to Kerala? In Kerala I experienced a dimension of travel that I’d only touched on at a superficial level, the human side. Chemmeen Curry, otherwise known as Kerala prawns/shrimp curry, is another spicy dish of Kerala. Work is currently on to paint more of Thrissur on two more scooters. So, the opening of the market is our biggest pitch for start-ups. Kerala nown as God’s own country surrounded by the Eastern Ghats in … Idiyappam, coupled with egg curry or coconut milk or with ghee & sugar, can be a gratifying experience. The language spoken is Malayalam. There are numerous dishes that you should try while on a Kerala trip. If you google Kerala the houseboats on the backwaters is one of the first things to pop up. Multiculturalism. Is it safe for you to travel to Kerala? It is rich in flavor, and these recipes provide you a delightful experience. Secondly, we have a fund of fund scheme so your worries up to Series A funding are more or less taken care of. This year we started with setting up innovation and entrepreneur development services in all educational institutions and colleges. It is perhaps also the reason why Kerala is also among the homes to the most informed people. Some of the famous tourist places in Kerala are Thekady, Alappae, Kumarakom, Wayanad, Kovalam and so on. Food in Kerala is on the cheaper side and depends heavily on the restaurant. Rice is the main accompaniment to most of these dishes and is also the staple food of the state. New Delhi: A health index report titled ‘Healthy States Progressive India’ released Friday by the NITI Aayog ranked Kerala as the top performing state in the health sector, followed by Punjab and Tamil Nadu, for 2015-16. The major religions followed are Hinduism, Muslim, and Christianity. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A few years ago, when I went to the Indian states of Rajasthan and Delhi, cows were roaming all over the city centre. It is a famous and favourite breakfast dish of Kerala. Layered flatbread is another name for parotta. The food is flavored and on a spicier side. Your email address will not be published. The capital is Thiruvananthapuram. Parottas have an emotional value for almost all Mallus. Between 27 December and 3 January, positivity rate was 9.6% as against the national average of 5.8%. India has one of the most cost effective space programmes in the world. What do you think? I feel like all I did in Kerala is eat and eat, and eat. The Vagbhatananda Park in the district of Kozhikode is simply stunning to look at. So start-ups had a fertile ground to start operating in these cities. It’s just a simple yet tasteful dish. 6. If you are lucky, you can get puttu made in a coconut shell. The importance and antiquity of education in Kerala is underscored by the state's ranking as among the most literate in the country.

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