Happy New Year = More Unicorns + Gore

If you’ll recall, I posted a couple of unicorns + gore a few months ago. Well, I’ve been steadily drawing more since then, so here are 8 more to ring in the New Year. Click for larger views of each piece:

These were drawn in marker at various sizes, just based on whatever random cardboard scraps were lying around (the smallest is 3×3″ and the largest is 12×12″). The unicorn in the second row, on the left, is an exception–it was drawn on normal paper and colored digitally.

I hate to let a good piece of cardboard go to waste. That aside, I don’t really know what’s motivated me to draw these… but I have more cardboard, and I can feel more unicorns looming. Appropriate for the impending Year of the Horse, perhaps?

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One Response to Happy New Year = More Unicorns + Gore

  1. Vinny says:

    These areā€¦.AWESOME. My fave is the black with red on the bottom row. GIDDY-UP!! :)