Adventure Time X Regular Show!

Adventure Time X Regular Show #2 is out today, and one of the variant covers is by me!

They asked me for an homage to Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson’s famous Superman vs. Flash cover… as luck would have it, I’ve got a little experience homaging that particular cover.

Here’s a look at my rough pencils as well:


Sword & Stairs

Adventure Time: The Enchiridion is out today… I drew/colored the cover! Buy it from any fine purveyor of DVDs and home video entertainment! Tell them I sent you! They won’t have any idea what that means, but tell them that anyways.

Here’s a look at the full wraparound cover without any logos or text…


Amongst everything else that’s been going on, I also managed to squeeze another side gig in…

I drew penciled/inked/colored a wraparound cover for an Adventure Time DVD: The Enchiridion! This illustration is also going to be a variant cover for Adventure Time #45 from Boom! Studios. The DVD is out on October 7th (next Tuesday!).

Finn the Prime and Jake the ‘Bee!

My twitter pal (and talented wordsmith) @DelilahSDawson asked for my help coming up with a Christmas present for her husband (also my twitter pal & fellow Transformer fanatic) @DocKrog. When she told me the concept, ADVENTURE PRIME, I was all, “WHAAAAAT”

Here’s what I came up with:


This was such a fun concept to flesh out, and a surprisingly fitting mash-up. Plus I got to try out the new WHITE pen I bought at the J-market/stationary store. I used it for the highlights on Jake’s arm/hand and for the Autobot symbol on Finn’s arm.

Fun fact: I no longer know how to end blog posts.


What time is it? SHAMELESS PLUG TIME! (Also Adventure Time)


Whoa, take it easy, Ice King! I know, it’s shocking that I’m finally updating my blog. I am… the worst. Buuut, one of the things I was working on whilst neglecting my blog was art (pencils/inks/colors) for a 4-page story for the Adventure Time Annual! The script was by long-time crony Josh Williamson. And if I’m not mistaken, it should be in comic book stores this week!

Here’s a look at the title panel:

I’d show show you more, but this is already like 10% of the whole story. C’mon, it’s only a 4-pager, whaddaya want from me?

Make sure you pick this issue up–it is hilarious and purdy to look at, in no small part due to the inclusion of stories by Bryce Carlson, Dustin Nguyen, and Derek Fridolfs! Props to Shannon Watters for her expert editing of this excellent edition!

Gal Pals

This has been floating around on the internet for a week or two, so I can finally share it!

I drew an Adventure Time cover for BOOM! Studios, and apparently it’s going to see the light of day on the cover of Bleeding Cool’s upcoming print-magazine!

EDIT: I found out this is going to be a variant cover for Adventure Time #14 as well!

click above for larger view

(For those of you playing along at home, this post catches me up on my blog posts for the time being. Sometimes when I drop off from posting it’s because I’m too busy to draw, and sometimes it’s because I’m so busy doing art-things that I just don’t have the time to post, even though I’m actually drawing a bunch! Either way it’s frustrating for me, and I will strive to keep my posting intervals a bit more regular. That is all.)

“I gather darkness to please me…”

Hey, looks like I can reveal one of the things I was working on:

click above for larger view

This is a cover that I drew for an exclusive edition of Marceline and the Scream Queens #1 (an Adventure Time spin-off), published by BOOM! Studios. This exclusive is debuting at the Southern Maryland Comic-Con (this Saturday, July 7th!), and will be available at the other cons run by Awesome Conventions.

A gold star to whoever can name the album cover that this is an homage to!

(Information for those who follow this blog regularly: still treading water with 8 posts missed, but I have things lined up. Stay tuned for more stuff… )


Hey, today I get to show one of the mysterious things that I said I was working on! I did a variant cover for an upcoming issue of the Adventure Time comic (published by the lovely folks at BOOM! Studios), and here it is:

click above for larger view

It’s no secret that I love Adventure Time, so this was a pretty big thrill for me. This cover is for issue 07, and will be in stores sometime in August. But don’t wait until then to check out the Adventure Time comic–the art is gorgeous and the writing is so charming and true to the show. Check it out for yourself. DO EET NAOW!