ink on skin

So I thought the Star Trek tattoo from a few months ago was the first time my art had been turned into a tattoo, but I forgot that a few years ago Kara, commissioned a Deadpool from me for her husband Jake, and he liked it so much he had it inked:


So that’s two tattoos from my art so far, but the next one is definitely the first time I was commissioned specifically to design a tattoo! My good friend Scott wanted to pay tribute to his own personal Battle Cat, the late great Apollo, and I was more than happy to help…


It’s humbling to see folks want to put my doodles into permanent display on their bodies, and amazing to see how the tattoo artists translate my work! I’m talking to a few more friends about this kinda stuff, so who knows, maybe this will become a regular thing for me?

ink on paper

a few marker sketches from the past year plus…

a blue dragon…

an Oliver Queen/Ken Masters mash-up..

Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy…

and a practice Dr. McCoy (TOS era version) that actually turned out okay, along with a bonus Data…

Mer May 2018 02

So May has shaped up to be a leeeedle bit busier than expected. But at least here’s a second mermaid, and maybe I can fit in a few more before the month is over.

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In the latest WTF@TFW (episode 509), @SethBuzzard and @Vangelus discuss a hypothetical all-minibot combiner, and the conversation struck me at the perfect intersection of insomnia and inspiration. I call him MINIBOSS!

– Bumblebee is the leader and transforms into a gun
– Beachcomber transforms into a shield
– Powerglide is part of the torso/back and provides the wingpack
– Warpath is a belly/navel cannon NOT a crotch cannon! lol
– This is “most” of the G1 minibots, but I left out Wheelie (he just felt like the wrong character grouping since he’s a movie character), Bumper (he wasn’t canonized in fiction until long after G1 was over), red Bumblebee/yellow Cliffjumper, and the South American variants of the minibots.