This is the way…


On rare occasions I will decide to respond to a friend’s text by doodling up a quick thumbs up… and then go slightly overboard. This is a flashback to one of those occasions. (Also, I’m very happy that Mando is back on TV!)

Fury Swipes!

A little something for #PokemonDay! This isn’t *the* Meowth, but it’s *a* Meowth, and *any* Meowth is one of my favorite Pokemon.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to figure this out, but when I’m drawing digitally, I do way better with a jaggy scratchy brush than a smooth one. I think it’s probably because I’m scruffy and scrappy like Meowth. 😼

Head over to my Instagram if you want to see a bit of behind the scenes video!

#HappyPokemonDay nerds!

Rabbit & Co

Last time the Year of the Rabbit came around, I was enlightened to the fact that in Vietnam they celebrate the year of the Cat rather than the Rabbit. A little research this time around and I learned that the Gurung of Nepal also use the Cat, while the Malays use the Mousedeer!

That sounded to me like a good excuse to draw a Rabbit/Cat/Mousedeer crew for the year of the Water Rabbit (and Cat and Mousedeer). And hey, this time I actually finished the drawing in time!

Okay ya nerds, Gong Xi Fa Cai! ✌️

Not A Goalie

I had no idea Friday the 13th was coming, but by random coincidence I came across this old highlighter doodle the other day. It’s really supposed to be more the-dude-from-Splatterhouse than Jason Voorhees, but I think it still works for the occcasion? Not sure exactly when I drew this, but I believe it was late 2019 or early 2020. (Added the sig and type digitally obv. 🤓)

Wayback Wabbit

This one is going WAY wayback, two full zodiac cycles back to the Year of the Rabbit 1999! 😬

The drawing on the right is the original–back then I could not run Photoshop on what I’m sure was a very busted, dusty, and ancient PC. So, in my pre-digital era, I would draw and ink the lineart on paper, make photocopies of the finished inks, and color over one of the photocopies with markers or color pencils. I did it this way so that if I screwed up the colors, I wouldn’t have destroyed the original lineart too… and trust me, I screwed up the colors plenty of times!

The drawing on the left is a scan of the lineart, with brand-new digital 2023 colors. I always find it a fun exercise to color old lineart… it’s like a collab with your younger self. 💀⌛️👶

The One True Bat!

Last drawing for 2022, a tribute to my favorite Batman—RIP Kevin Conroy!

(**Note: the background is taken from a screencap of the Batman:TAS opening credits)

Cutting Room Floor

So, last year I drew redesigns of Kwannon and Betsy from the X-Men, then decided to draw a psychic fusion of the two, and the first drawing above was the initial result. When I stepped back, I felt like something was off with it, and the more I looked at it, the more I disliked it. Finally I decided to scrap the drawing, and I never posted it (until now). (At the time, I decided to start over and complete a more streamlined and straightforward attempt–click here to revisit that result along with my drawings of Kwannon, Betsy, and Logan)

But back to the bad one 😆… it’s a pretty weak, cluttered composition, and lacks the sketchy energy of the character redesigns I was doing, yet also falls short of being a more polished drawing. I think it was a case where I was feeling a bit ambitious and got carried away with that momentum, yet failed to balance it with sufficient forethought and planning. I know that for my own process, I need to take care of composition and planning issues as early as possible–thinking “I’ll fix this as I go” pretty much never works out.

Anywayzzz, I recently stumbled back on this drawing while sorting through my files. With the benefit of some distance, I felt it was an interesting artifact after-the-fact… a byproduct of the process. And the story is maybe worth sharing just in case anyone else is out there kinda whiffing it on the first try? 🤔😆

The Conqueror

When I was a little kid, Kang the Conqueror was the action figure from Secret Wars who I didn’t recognize and had a funny shaped helmet (I wasn’t reading comics yet). When I was a little older and devoting all my meager allowance-based resources to comics, I still didn’t ‘get’ the character.

A few years later and that all changed when Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco’s Avengers Forever came out, and finally I understood the greatness of Kang the Conqueror. No shortage of credit goes to Kurt Busiek for his epic writing, but of course today my mind is on Carlos Pacheco who we lost yesterday. An incredible artist and storyteller, every single panel that he drew was a masterpiece, and every character was a star. Gone far too soon, RIP.