Yay Cray!

There’s a new Glyos drop from Cappy and along with it, a new illustration from me! Hit up the store HERE!

(Actually the left half of this illustration was released with the first batch of figures several weeks ago, but I have been crazy busy and forgot to post here… at any rate, now you get to seethe whole thing! 😅)


SPARTACUS is one of my favorite movies, so I drew this tribute about a year ago when Kirk Douglas passed away. It has been gathering digital dust in my WIP folder ever since—in my head I’d built it up as a monumental task to complete, but when I opened up the file this past weekend I was surprised to find that it was like 85% finished and just needed a quick clean up and fine-tuning. Yet again I have learned that I shouldn’t put things off! 😅😬 ANYWAYZ, Kirk Douglas has a great face for caricature, and you can head over to my Instagram post to see a little video peek at a few of the steps I had in the sketch process, from super-crude to almost-there to all-done.

RIP Christopher Plummer

“Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings.” 

Christopher Plummer passed away a few weeks ago, and last night I finally had a moment to draw an homage to his role as the Klingon General Chang—my favorite Trek villain as featured in my favorite Trek movie, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. I have literally watched that movie hundreds of times, and I never get tired of his performance. RIP!


Happy Year Of The Metal Ox! 🐮 I decided to interpret metal as heavy metal 🤘 as well as bionic 🦾, and a humanoid ox woman had to be blue like Babe the blue ox 💙, because punny, convoluted, and weird is my jam. FYI the design on the shirt is a stylized archaic form of 牛 (ox). 🤓

It’s just a phase…

Kitty! (and Lockheed!)

Another warm-up/costume redesign! It is probably very obvious by now that I tend to go very traditional and generally more streamlined when it comes to superhero costumes. And ALWAYS add a katana if applicable, of course.


IDK a dang thing about fashion, but I do know that when you see a pair of sharp looking tiger feet sneakers for half off, you order those dang shoes! 🐯 I’m super excited for the new kicks to arrive even though I probably won’t be wearing them out until after I get vaccinated sometime this summer. 🙃⏳🗓💉

Mutant Mania

Last year I started doing some quick superhero redesigns as warm ups, and Kwannon was the first, followed quickly by Betsy Braddock. I really like the idea of having both Kwannon and Betsy around. And I like to think Betsy kept up her ninja skills even after being returned to her own body. Honestly you could fill several story arcs just dealing with Betsy and Kwannon’s lives after finally getting their own bodies back!

With superheroes people always debate which version is better, but my answer is always that I just want all of them. Give me Hal AND Kyle, Miles AND Peter, Barry AND Wally AND Jay, and of course Kwannon AND Betsy. And the great thing about superheroes is that you really can have your cake and eat it too! Just that sometimes that cake is another cake in disguise, or a clone, or from an alternate dimension, etc. 😉

The next one is a little off-book… Kwannon and Betsy discover they can temporarily fuse their minds and bodies to transform into the entity known as PSYLOCKE—in this form their existing powers are drastically multiplied, but the fusion can only be maintained for a short period of time. (To be honest, when I drew this I was thinking of Steven Universe style fusions, it didn’t occur to me until I was done that psychic fusions already have a precedent in X-Men comics with Onslaught. 😅)

And here’s a Logan too. Shout out to old school whiskers and smaller ‘ears’!

Eye Spy!

Sneaking in some art before the year is up! My pal Dylan made up a great character named Eye Spy, and as I love weird characters and puns, I thought this devilish rogue would be the ideal subject for an homage to 60’s spy movie posters/lobby cards! 🔫👁 I couldn’t resist including the standard-issue martini and cigarette as accessories, even though I have no idea how he would smoke or drink! 😅🍸🚬