Cue Jazzy Theme Music (Part 2 of 4)

So I rambled on about the Jonny Quest theme music in my previous post, when I should have simply linked a clip of the opening credits (incidentally, the composer, Hoyt Curtin, was also responsible for a few other notable jazzy Hanna Barbera theme songs, such as Top Cat, and The Jetsons):

And for today’s illustration, here’s Hadji, Jonny Quest’s best friend, adopted brother, and partner in crime.

When I drew this originally, Hadji was supposed to be levitating in a display of his trademark mystical powers. I guess that isn’t really apparent with no background as context.


Cue Jazzy Theme Music (Part 1 of 4)

The theme music to Jonny Quest is easily one of the best TV intros of all time. When I was in college, a jillion years ago, you could hear the marching band practice from my friend’s dorm room, and one day they did an amazing rendition of the Johnny Quest theme. I actually went back to my friend’s place several times hoping to hear them practice it again, but without any luck. Yes, I am a dork! But in my defense, that was definitely the only time in my life I was enthusiastic about music from a marching band.

This is Jonny Quest himself, accompanied by his tenacious bulldog, Bandit. You might have an educated guess as to what the next three posts will offer!

Flashback Friday. Yes, Again.

Archaelogists recently uncovered a piece that I created a jillion years ago. Carbon dating indicates that the illustration is from approximately 2000 CE. It was an entry for a “Design a Kubrick” contest in Previews–I placed second, winning myself some cool action figures, including an awesome Tetsujin 28 and Black Ox boxed set (in black and white anime colors). For educational purposes only, here is the title character of Princess Mononoke, in Kubrick form:

click above for larger view

This piece represents one of my earliest forays into computer coloring. All things considered, I’m surprised that it still somewhat holds up (and I’m not just saying that because it got me free action figures). The good news (depending on how you feel about things) is that this will probably be the last Flashback Friday for a long time. I don’t think I have anything else in the vault that I don’t find embarrassing. But then again, if I get desperate, you never know.

Pink Panther and Snagglepuss!?

First of all, no, this is not a picture of the Pink Panther and Snagglepuss.

Second, I know you ladies are all wondering, how does a guy who spends his Saturday drawing pink kitties manage to stay single?

*sobbing and incoherent babbling*

Anyways… today’s post was drawn for a re-design challenge at the fan-art forums. The thread is here, my post is here. The first round voting polls are here and here, and the final vote can be found here–I placed 4th out of the finalists.

click above for larger view

The subject is Clawdeen, the feline mount of She-Ra’s foe Catra. There has been a lot of debate about Clawdeen’s gender, owing to the fact that the toy is identified as a “she” and has feminine-looking eyelashes, in spite of otherwise resembling a male lion (it has a mane like a male lion, however it lacks a tuft on its tail). In contrast, the cartoon version simply looks like a male lion (I don’t recall if its gender is ever specified).

My solution to the gender question was to make the toy and animation versions of Clawdeen into separate characters. The toy version, retaining the name Clawdeen and the specified female gender, gains an armored helm–I leave it to the reader’s imagination whether the plume of hair is Clawdeen’s mane, or simply a part of the helm. The cartoon version becomes Clawdius, Clawdeen’s mate. I swiped the name from Lion-O‘s dad.

I did my best to make Clawdeen feminine without resorting to the heavy-handed shorthand that the original toy suffered from (eyeshadow, long eyelashes). With Clawdius, I was striving for a groomed, submissive feel, to contrast the feral and somewhat crazed look of Manticore. Considering I had the handicap of working with almost nothing but variations of the color pink, I’m pretty happy with how the colors turned out.

Pure Genius.

It’s about 4:30am as I begin typing this blog. I started my blog illustration very late, just a few hours ago. I was almost done coloring it in Photoshop, and then my twitchy hand closed the file without saving. The really great thing is that I literally had not saved anything. So instead you get this last minute rage doodle:

As I generally refrain from cursing on this blog (unlike my ultra-profane RL), I have nothing more to say.


Just a little digital painting practice today. The lineart was drawn a couple of years ago for a friend who got me a copy of Godzilla: Final Wars.

Gigan is one of my favorite kaiju from the Godzilla franchise. The version here is sort of an old-timey cartoon version of the classic Gigan, as opposed to the modernized version that appears in Final Wars.

Just go watch Final Wars already!