Rare mushy moment–It won’t happen again.

(Posting early–why wait?)

Drawn for the recent wedding of two friends; at the reception, the (Japanese) groom wore a kimono, and the (Chinese) bride wore a qi pao:

4 thoughts on “Rare mushy moment–It won’t happen again.

  1. That’s a good one. I’d like to see more of that style. In fact I could see a whole book like that. Hmmm. But that’s too bad, because that would mean drawing pages.
    But still a whole romance book like that and I could see Oni come a knocking. Now if only you could fit some robots into it.

  2. u should do a whole photo album of robots getting married. just old victorian style sepia toned photo looking portraits of robot weddings.

  3. lordshen: meh… it was meh… still waiting to see the video on that one. *shudder*

    josh: thanks dude. i would do a romance book with robots…. in fact, who says i’m not doing one right now? ;)

    lordshen again: lol… that’s a rad idea… i’m filing that idea away for future use, if you don’t mind.

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