You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

Ladies and gentlemen, the Hulk:

He kind of looks more like the the Jolly Green Giant‘s little pal Sprout than the Incredible Hulk. OH WELL.

I started with a rough sketch in colored pencil, and then laid down the flat colors and main shadows in Prismacolor marker. I picked up the colored pencil again to draw in the lineart and add additional shading. Finally I used a white color pencil for some highlights. The only thing I did in Photoshop was adjust the colors to match the original (it’s pretty close) and drop in the type. Overall, I prefer doing my coloring digitally, but it’s nice to take a break and get back to my analog roots every now and then.

3 thoughts on “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

  1. Don Chente says:

    Nice my fren….I like ‘im.

  2. LordShen says:


  3. J.Ho says:

    don: thanks mang!
    lordshen: O_O ulp.

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