6 thoughts on “Neither a teenager, nor a mutant, nor a ninja…

  1. Lordshen says:

    i like this. even has some 3-D quality.

  2. Mark Hale says:

    I think I had a dream about this guy…

  3. Hiding in Asia says:

    One value…
    Two values….

    Holey Moley!

    THREE VALUES?!?!?!?

    You craaaaaaazy Ho. Youse crazy!

    (sidenote: I understand the inherent lameness of the joke of someone calling you a crazy ho…THAT’S WHY I mean Ho STRICTLY as your last name…and not a woman of loose morals.)

  4. J.Ho says:

    lordshen: thanks dude!

    mark: O_O please elaborate!

    helen: lol… yeah 3 values is strictly my limit. but who says i can’t have the last name ho AND be a person of loose morals??? ;)

  5. J.Ho says:

    once again, i demonstrate my utter ignorance of anything not involving action figures or comics books. lol… thanks for shedding light on that one, mark!

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