Flashback Friday!!! (AKA I am a slacker)

Here’s an illustration of a fox spirit ronin that I did a number of years ago (2004 to be precise), for a now-defunct art challenge:

On the one hand, posting old artwork makes me a lazy and horrible person. On the other hand, I think this piece holds up pretty decently, and since only a handful of people ever saw this anyways, I thought it was worth sharing. Your mileage may vary.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday!!! (AKA I am a slacker)

  1. LordShen says:

    You’re right… you ARE a horrible person. But this is good work!

  2. Jafari Stew says:

    Might be oldskool to you J but…um…AWESOME!!
    Love every choice you made on this piece, especially the fantastic colors!!

  3. J.Ho says:

    wow, thanks guys! :D

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