Don’t let it go to your head (plus a review of "The Fall")

Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing… MODOK:

MODOK is spectacularly hideous, and therefore great fun to draw.

And now, a five second review!

* * *

The Fall (In theaters now!)

Contrasting a slyly humorous, self-aware, and visually gorgeous fantasy world against a nostalgic yet poignant view of 1920′s Los Angeles, The Fall elegantly tells the story of two convalescent hospital patients. Watch the trailer here.

Verdict: Awesome. Just go watch it!

For More Fantasy Movie Awesomeness: Corny and not self-aware, Krull is still pretty awesome. Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Don’t let it go to your head (plus a review of "The Fall")

  1. LordShen says:

    YOU’RE a convalescent MODOK!

  2. illgnosis says:

    The fall looks F’n RAD. So does the floaty heady thing…

  3. Don Chente says:

    Something about MODOK that makes me want to punch the guy.

  4. J.Ho says:

    lordshen: ._.

    illgnosis: ‘floaty head thing’… as if you don’t know who modok is and idolize him!

    don chente: it’s that big ole noggin! ripe for the punchin!

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