Serious Stuff. Seriously.

I enjoyed Batman Begins, but I had a few gripes with it and just didn’t love it the way everyone else did. It took itself a little too seriously, no?

Given my complaint about seriousness, it was pretty funny to me when I found out that the Joker’s tagline for The Dark Knight was “why so serious?” At any rate, I’m looking forward to The Dark Knight.

3 thoughts on “Serious Stuff. Seriously.

  1. ren says:

    dude, any time christian bale takes his shirt off, it’s serious.

    actually, it’s all about liam neeson and gary oldman for me…but you know that.

  2. Jodi says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the movie tonight, but I’m also looking forward to seeing YOU in San Diego! Bwahahahahaha!!! You can not escape! You can not turn down the invite! I know where to find you!!!

  3. J.Ho says:

    ren: just FYI, there’s not that much non-shirtage in ‘dark knight’… i say boooo on liam neeson, but gary oldman is still my favorite player in the current batman franchise.

    jodi: you saw me! and i would never try to escape! i only turn down invites because if i leave my underground lair, i’ll turn to stone. unless it’s to go shop for groceries, go to work, or attend comic-con.

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