Monsters of Breakfast (4 of 5): Keep ‘Em In Stitches

The Subject: General Mills cereal monsters.

The Twist: Drawing them in the style of Capcom‘s fighting game franchise, Darkstalkers.

Now we’re finally getting to the heavy hitters–I present to you, Franken Berry! He’s alive… HE’S ALIVE!

click above for larger view

Rather than ramble on about whatever, I’ll let you all go about your business–you probably need to finish the last minute touches on your Halloween costumes. I’m dressing as a weirdo cartoonist who barricades himself in his apartment drawing obscure nerdy characters while watching cartoons and The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. I guess it’s not so much a costume as much as on-going performance art. On-going for the past 31 years.

4 thoughts on “Monsters of Breakfast (4 of 5): Keep ‘Em In Stitches

  1. david lee: thanks!

    davros: i guess this isn’t going to earn me any points with the dalek empire, but unfortunately my take on count chocula is a pretty straight-forward variation on demitri. wish i had thought of using morrigan as the basis!

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