Moldy Oldies: The Pits

It was not so long ago that I expressed regret over the amount of old artwork that I have been posting. Well, sadly, I’ve been treading water since then, barely able to complete my posts in a timely manner. So instead, I’ve decided to strip-mine my art archives, and post an extended series of old artwork in order to give myself time to catch up and stockpile new posts.

Many of the pieces in the coming weeks were drawn for friends, some were drawn for pitches and projects, and none of these pieces has ever really been seen by more than a handful of people. In other words, this art should be new to you, dear reader.

First up… a get well card drawn for a friend, circa 2005.

It seems like everyone I know has been sick multiple times this year, and I myself have been transformed into a plague-infested bag of putrid virulence on at least three (3) separate occasions this year (feeling well currently, knock on wood). So if you’ve got a sick friend, send ’em this pic! The terrible pun and intentionally over-saccharine image will either make them feel better… or finish the job. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t send this to anyone.