Like Two Peas in a Pod

Memorandum to the Powers That Be:

Please hire me to write and draw a comic that features the Jolly Green Giant and his little pal Sprout, as they fight evil and malnutrition with the power of fiber, vitamin D, and overwhelming physical size and strength. As per all of my hypothetical projects, a 2-D fighting game by Capcom will be the perfect tie-in. We will make lots of money, and consumption of vegetables will skyrocket. Also, I will be your best friend.


My last name is Ho, which means that growing up I heard every possible Thundercats, Santa Claus, and Jolly Green Giant joke that you can possibly think of. I think it’s a testament to my character that my enjoyment of cartoons, Christmas, and canned/frozen vegetables was never diminished in the least, no matter what kind of jokes were flung in my general direction.

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Part elf, part super-hero, part Green Man, and part kaiju… the Jolly Green Giant is kind of awesome for a vegetable mascot. But don’t forget his pal Sprout:

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And lastly, just because I like seeing things to scale:

I’ll be back on Friday with another food mascot–you’ll have to tune in to see which one!

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