I’m a delight, I swear!

If you talk to my close friends, it’s pretty well understood that I prefer a stern talking-to over a kind word. And unfortunately for my friends, I give what I wish to receive. I made this hand-drawn card for a dear friend (link unavailable) who’s going away for a few months:

click above for larger view

It’ll be like I’m right there the whole time, nagging away!

4 thoughts on “I’m a delight, I swear!

  1. Don Chente says:

    Annie, don't go!!

  2. danang a.w. says:

    i love your blog, bro!!!

  3. danang a.w. says:

    i'm a cartoon lover from Indonesia!!

  4. J.Ho says:

    Don Chente: hey man don't worry, she'll be back before you know it!

    danang a.w.: thank you very much! it's always a delight to get international visitors! i hope you stay tuned! :)

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