Fish-Brained Schemer

A whiiile back, my buddy Dylan (AKA Super-Munkyboy) had a contest on the fan-art forums–the goal was to create a new “big bad” for He-Man’s rogue’s gallery, and the prize was to have the newly created villain drawn by Dylan, Jazyl (AKA Two-Bad), and myself.

The contest actually ended in a tie, and one of the winners was Patreek, who I have previously drawn a fan character for. Here’s my interpretation of his character:

click above for larger view

You can check out the thread here, and see the other prize drawings here. Art of the other winner will be posted soon!

2 thoughts on “Fish-Brained Schemer

  1. You did such a fantastic job (as usual). He's really fantastic. The cape looks great as well.. and his arm cannon… wow! :-)

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