Robot Chicken (not the one you’re thinking of)

Today’s post features Scratch from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. He’s the cohort (and brother) of Grounder, who I posted a drawing of last week:

click above for larger view

As I did with Grounder, I interpreted Scratch with more of a Super Robot feel. This time I was specifically going for a look that resembled the animal-themed Mavericks from Megaman X. I think the final result is a little more tough-looking, while (hopefully) maintaining the cartoony fun of the original.

More Sonic fun coming over the next couple of weeks… but not next week… in case you were wondering.


One thought on “Robot Chicken (not the one you’re thinking of)

  1. Nazario says:

    This brings back so many good childhood memories… although I never knew Scratch's English name until now. Looks badass.

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