Sometimes, like a jerk, I waste hours and hours playing Angry Birds, a game meant to be a casual distraction, which has instead become an obsessive… obsession. Other times (still like a jerk) I post a super-late blog. Here is such a blog post now:

On Friday night I was too tired to draw, so I went to bed with the intention of playing a few levels of Angry Birds and then going to sleep. Fast forward to: me staying up until 9:30am, when I finally went to sleep (cursing at myself all the while). Woke up a few hours later and headed to the Long Beach Comic Expo, where I hung out with Dustin and Peter Nguyen (they are not related!), and drew this. Peter was kind enough to lend me a pen so that I could ink it. I drew another piece too, which I came home and inked, and will be posted this week in a timely manner, unlike today’s sketch.

I’ve been in sort of a rut lately, in addition to being busy with assorted other things. It was very eye opening to me that I was able to go hang with some friends, and even on very little sleep, bust out two drawings very quickly. I guess even weirdo recluses such as myself need to occasionally leave our secret lairs and get a change of scenery.

(But seriously, Angry Birds is really fun.)

6 thoughts on “Squawk.

  1. I do the same thing haha.. I lay down and play Angry Birds til I get sleepy.. which usually ends up being around 4am.. I'm such a pain in the toukas.. lol so where should we start this support group? haha see round j ho :)

  2. There should be AA style meetings for Angry Birds addicts… I blame it's accessibility in mobile form that allows it too be playable till all hours of the evening (and morning). I've done the same~

    Dang. Missed out on the LB Expo.. :/

  3. jessica: we should probably hold our angry birds support group on a moving stage coach or something–an environment where unstable ground will prevent us from playing angry birds efficiently. :D

    chris: i think you have hit the nail on the head exactly. and you'd better not miss out on the fall LB show… unless you have halloween plans like like everyone else, in which case you're excused. :/

  4. hahaha! stage coach, you say good sir? I am SO in.. horseback, even? dang, all this talk makes me wanna play oregon trail.. lol i'll add you to my trail buddies JHo.. hope you don't get dysentery! :DD

  5. gah ha ha! I love this pic. I'm not an angry birds addict (I've only played it like twice) but I have stayed up all night reading on my iPad and consequently have been just as red eyed.

  6. thanks karen, glad you like the pic. i can't recommend angry birds highly enough, btw! and there are plenty of levels to play in the free versions! SUBMIT TO THE MADNESSSSSS…

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