Quick message about blog updates…

Until I’m done with the commissions for Help the Cheerleader, I’m going to post multiple sketches on Friday, rather than posting single sketches on Tuesday and Friday. Come back in a few days for the first of the commission sketches!

4 thoughts on “Quick message about blog updates…

  1. It is wonderful that you are doing this to help this brave young woman. I wish I'd heard about it in time to order one of your sketches!

    You = Awesome.


  2. thank you gargirl! i really appreciate it.

    stay tuned to my blog or twitter, or the help the cheerleader website–if we decide to do another round of sketches, that's where we'll announce it! wouldn't be for a while though. woof.

  3. yo.

    first time reader. found your site after about four different click throughs on a completely unrelated food blog.

    first, just wanted to say i spent about an hour looking through all your stuff and am a HUGE fan. i love any sort of artwork that has a very silly and fun element to it. i just started a food blog, but love art, so i wanted to incorporate that some how.

    secondly, big ups to what you're doing. mad respectful.

  4. Hi Kish, thank you very much for the generous words about my art and my involvement with Help the Cheerleader. It means a lot to me, and that's the kind of thing that encourages me when I'm coloring commissions bleary eyed in the middle of the night!

    Also: your blog made me crazy hungry, dude. I like that you guys inject humor into your posts. Too-serious foodies are a bummer!

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