Twice As Crabby

Today’s sketches are two versions of one character–the twisted and indestructible crab/robot warrior known as Rampage, from Transformers: Beast Wars. On the left we have a sketch based on his animation model, and on the right a sketch based on his toy:

click above for larger view

These sketches are a thank you gift, and I started out basing my drawing on reference photos of the toy. It’s been a while since I watched Beast Wars, so I didn’t realize that the animation model was so different–many of the character models in Beast Wars are more similar to their toy counterparts. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I finished inking the sketch that I figured it out.

I could have scrapped the toy-version sketch, or jury-rigged it by using the colors of the animation model, but it was so close to being done I just decided to finish it and then start the proper version separately. The cartoon portrayed Rampage as a distinct character with a bit of complexity, so I wanted to acknowledge that with a more accurate drawing.

(These sketches will count as my two for this week. Holding steady at 3 missed posts. More in the pipeline, so I should catch up soon… )