Mutant Mania

Last year I started doing some quick superhero redesigns as warm ups, and Kwannon was the first, followed quickly by Betsy Braddock. I really like the idea of having both Kwannon and Betsy around. And I like to think Betsy kept up her ninja skills even after being returned to her own body. Honestly you could fill several story arcs just dealing with Betsy and Kwannon’s lives after finally getting their own bodies back!

With superheroes people always debate which version is better, but my answer is always that I just want all of them. Give me Hal AND Kyle, Miles AND Peter, Barry AND Wally AND Jay, and of course Kwannon AND Betsy. And the great thing about superheroes is that you really can have your cake and eat it too! Just that sometimes that cake is another cake in disguise, or a clone, or from an alternate dimension, etc. 😉

The next one is a little off-book… Kwannon and Betsy discover they can temporarily fuse their minds and bodies to transform into the entity known as PSYLOCKE—in this form their existing powers are drastically multiplied, but the fusion can only be maintained for a short period of time. (To be honest, when I drew this I was thinking of Steven Universe style fusions, it didn’t occur to me until I was done that psychic fusions already have a precedent in X-Men comics with Onslaught. 😅)

And here’s a Logan too. Shout out to old school whiskers and smaller ‘ears’!