Rabbit Rabbit!

Uh… so I decided to do a thing? 😬 I put this design up on Red Bubble so it’s available on some shirts, notebooks, etc. I put up some older designs as well.

Rabbit Rabbit HERE

All of my Red Bubble art HERE

I’m gonna try to add more over time–I have a few ideas for new pieces that might make for fun shirts, and I’m also going through my backlog to see what else could work. If anyone happens to buy anything, please post and tag me! 😅


Rabbit, Rabbit! I’m ready for October, ready for Autumn, ready for (eternal) Halloween, and heck, ready for next year (the year of the rabbit)! 🐇🐇

Super Scary!

My dear dear friend Joshua Williamson has just launched a Substack newsletter: joshuawilliamson.substack.com

You may know him from his incredible runs writing The Flash and Robin, his acclaimed creator-owned comics Birthright (with Andrei Bressan) and Nailbiter (with Mike Henderson), or maybe his current juggernaut mini-series at DC, Dark Crisis. Now you can get the latest updates on all of his projects (including a lot of exciting things in development), and if you subscribe to one of the paid tiers, there are going to be extra perks, advance access to the new Nailbiter anthology, and some exclusive collectibles!

Josh asked me to help him design a mascot for the newsletter, so allow me to introduce Super Scary! Illustrations by me, and graphic design by John J. Hill.

Super Scary’s skull insignia is going to be on some of those aforementioned exclusive collectibles, like these limited edition pins! Please check out Josh’s Substack for all the details!

RIP David Warner

“I offer a toast. The undiscovered country…the future…”

David Warner passed away a few weeks ago–such an amazing and unforgettable actor, with so many iconic roles, but my favorites were his voice work as Ra’s al Ghul in Batman: The Animated Series, and his performance as Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Last year I drew a tribute to Christopher Plummer as General Chang, so it felt fitting to create a companion piece. RIP.

American Ninja

I haven’t played Street Fighter in ages, I was always always bad at it, but I love it dearly. And I’m always happy to see the next generation of characters, so here’s some fanart of Kimberly, from the upcoming Street Fighter 6! Happy 35th Anniversary, Street Fighter! 💪❤️

Mutant Zoo -esque! Crow + Lion + Octopus!

“A king of the savannah, sea, and sky, the majestic, powerful, and cunning Leoctrow is often depicted in the heraldry of versatile multi-class adventurers, most typically warrior-mage-rogues.”

Fitting in perfectly with the old Mutant Zoo posts, here’s today’s warm-up using my buddy @jazylhdraws #jazylhcreateacharacter prompts for August! The prompts were crow, lion, octopus, water, and backpack. I failed at figuring out how to incorporate backpack, but I didn’t want to get hung up on it, so I just went with the other four prompts. 😅

Admiral Nyota Uhura

One more for the late great Nichelle Nichols!

Imagining** Uhura as an admiral later in life, circa TNG era (if McCoy was alive then, she could have been too!). FYI she’s got one more rank pip wrapping around the other side of her collar, you know Nyota wouldn’t stop at just Vice Admiral! The uniform is a hodge podge of various styles, because it seems like it was pretty much the wild west when it came to TNG era admiral uniforms. Also added a completely made-up Admiral’s variant coat just for a little extra pomp and circumstance.

** Apologies to followers of Star Trek novels and comics–I’m sure Uhura’s later life is well-covered in fiction, but I haven’t read any just yet–when it comes to Trek, I’m only versed in on-screen stuff! 🙏


What can I say, I love an obscure costume variant! Here’s Chun-Li as seen in her outfit from the original ending of Street Fighter II. ✌️

Gorn Again

Since it was First Contact Day earlier in the week, I’m in a Star Trek mood… well actually, I’m always in a Star Trek mood. 😎

ANYWAYZ, here’s my interpretation of the charmingly inaccurate vintage Gorn action figure by Mego. The toy re-used a head from Spider-Man’s foe, the Lizard, and was garbed in a Klingon uniform. Star Trek Online presents the concept of multiple alien races being part of the Klingon Defense Force, so I figured why not import that concept into the TOS era and really lean into the Klingon thing? I added a TOS era Klingon belt buckle and turned the toy’s bright red weapon and communicator into proper Klingon gear (but retained some bright red colors). I also made the eyes more Gorny, but mostly tried to leave the head as-is.

I see this guy as a rank and file soldier who was transferred from the Gorn military as part of some boring treaty between the Gorn Hegemony and the Klingon Empire. He’s oddly good at his job despite being pretty uninterested in it–there’s a promotion in his future, but he could care less.

(Previously I also drew interpretations of Mego’s Mugato and Neptunian figures, as well as a non-Mego Gorn. Yes–I do know how to party. 🤓)


What’s that you say, we’re already several months into the Year of the Water Tiger? 🌊🐅 This post is absurdly late? And a surfer/street-fighter tiger lady is a totally random combo? Yet here we are… Happy Belated Year of the Tiger! BTW, the character on her outfit is a stylized archaic form of (tiger).

March of Robots 2022

Squeezing in a drawing before this year’s March of Robots ends–here’s a big bruiser with a bit of Showa style! Maybe if I get it together in KaiJune I’ll draw some monsters for this ‘bot to battle…

Yay Cray!

There’s a new Glyos drop from Cappy and along with it, a new illustration from me! Hit up the store HERE!

(Actually the left half of this illustration was released with the first batch of figures several weeks ago, but I have been crazy busy and forgot to post here… at any rate, now you get to seethe whole thing! 😅)