I’m a delight, I swear!

If you talk to my close friends, it’s pretty well understood that I prefer a stern talking-to over a kind word. And unfortunately for my friends, I give what I wish to receive. I made this hand-drawn card for a dear friend (link unavailable) who’s going away for a few months:

click above for larger view

It’ll be like I’m right there the whole time, nagging away!

The Waiting Game

I’m autoposting another sloppy blog from the work computer, while I grow old waiting for my new one to arrive.

Actually, I am full of lies. First of all, I’m more like a big impatient baby than an old man. And second, I could only grow such a long Rip Van Winkle-esque beard in my wildest dreams! New computer should be here soon-ish, and “real” posting will resume.


[EDITTT: There we go, all fixed... for now!]

Apparently I’m having problems with my web storage, which is why most of the images on this blog are red X‘s. Looks like involuntary renovations are in order.

I’m looking into the problem (and cursing)–in the meantime, should you have a burning desire to look at any of my previous art, feel free to check out my Deviant Art page.


When you live within the greater Los Angeles area (as I do), any time there’s any kind of rain, every local news station assaults you with STORMWATCH 20xx!!! Literally, it could be an hour of light drizzling, and you have to listen to STORMWATCH 20xx!!! for a week. It’s basically retarded.

You see, Los Angeles is usually sunny and 70 degrees, so if it even rains a little, every moron out there freaks out, following the lead of our famously awful local news institutions. Car accidents skyrocket, even though the driving conditions aren’t significantly more dangerous, thus turning the streets and freeways into a gridlocked mess. Frankly, people are big, nervous babies about the whole affair. For the record, I enjoy the rain, and I do not lose my mind while driving in it (*knock on wood*).

Well, this past week we finally got an amount of rainfall that might actually qualify as a real storm–flooding, hail, the whole deal.

The rain has even given me a reason to wear a coat and a scarf. Unheard of! However, that is not the reason for today’s post. The real reason is that I have been metaphorically underwater with work (at the day job), and so a quick self-involved post is all that I have time for:

Post Script to my fellow California-ites: Apparently we’re in for more of this rain, possibly on an epic, legitimately dangerous scale? They call it… FRANKENSTORM!!! I wish I was joking.

Sketchy Looking Individual

Here’s a self portrait, in which I look agitated and pale (as I often do):

click above for larger view

Sketched in ballpoint pen and colored in Photoshop.

For those keeping track at home, I do have a sleeveless black hoodie in RL, but I do not have a t-shirt featuring my favorite saying (unfortunately). My apologies for this interjection by my raging ego. Regular sketch-blog service will resume next time.

Cardboard and Co-Workers

A little something different for today…

If you work in an office anything like mine, there are two realities that you will understand. Co-workers and impromptu crafts.

Any office will experience occasional lulls, and it’s during these times that you look at whatever materials are lying around the office and find a way to craft them into artifacts of boredom reduction. In the case of my office, we often receive and send things, which means boxes, which means cardboard. Sometimes I simply put a cardboard tube on my arm and pretend I’m a cyborg, but other times I draw Skeletor’s torso on a cardboard poncho, and pretend I am the Lord of Destruction. There have been paper moustaches, dioramas of Peeps murdering each other, styrofoam capes and boas, dog snouts made of paper cups, and more. For years, two cardboard box lids with happy faces hung on the wall in front of my desk. I only recently took them down because I want to preserve them somehow (perhaps by having them mounted on wood blocks).

Accompanying you on these lulls and cardboard larks, are your co-workers–the people who are in the trenches with you everyday, the people who you see more than almost anyone else, and the people who understand your countless in-jokes. In my case, these are the people who understand that when I walk up to their desk, and they ask me how I am doing, I will punch myself in the stomach, make a fake barf noise, and they will reply, “I hear ya.”

Yesterday was the last day of a co-worker and good friend of mine, who’s moving on to bigger and better. Erroneously, she had decided that she was sad about leaving–so I realized quickly that I am by far the awesomest thing in the office, and manufactured this cardboard android as a substitute co-worker to accompany her in her new endeavors:

click above for larger view

I had always intended to make an occasional foray into three-dimensional art on this blog, but here I am finally doing it. This crude standee stands about a foot tall, was sketched on a dismantled Fed-Ex box, detailed with magic markers, cut with ordinary old scissors, and assembled with packing tape and a single conspicuous brass brad.

Nerdy Anticipation

Perhaps you will recall that I am a huge Transformers fan? And perhaps you will recall that I enjoyed Michael Bay’s first outing in the world of Transformers? And perhaps you will understand that I am bitterly jealous that the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, premiered two weeks ago in Japan, and was released last week in the United Kingdom, while Canadians living in America (like myself) are forced to wait until this week?

And perhaps you will not be surprised that 24 hours from the posting of this blog, I will be sitting in an IMAX theater watching said movie, at long last?

For the haters, let’s get some things straight here… I’m not expecting Citizen Kane. I’m not expecting Shakespeare. I’m not even expecting Shakespeare in Love. I am expecting pretty much the best special effects around, lots of robots getting blowed up good, and Megan Fox looking Megan Foxxy.

The surge of nerdy anticipation within me is overwhelming, threating to manifest itself as a wave of destructive energy that will burn the surface of the planet to a crisp whilst arguing whether or not the new Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance toyline portrays human characters in proper scale to their Autobot counterparts. Also, I drew this:

click above for larger view

What started out as kind of a quick sketch to commemorate the release of Revenge of the Fallen actually became a decent exercise in color and lighting, I think.


PLEASE READ: On a serious note…

Now, I don’t really talk about anything serious on this blog. I talk about seriously nerdy stuff, but I never talk about serious topics. Today, I thought I’d make a little exception–I hope you all don’t mind if I get a little personal, and a little serious.

Some time ago, I suffered a great loss. No one died, but it was a great blow to my morale… and in a way, my innocence died. I realized how fragile happiness can be. I found myself lacking motivation. I was anxious and listless at work. In short, my heart was broken. Over time, I healed–the loss faded from the forefront of my mind. I moved on, but I never truly forgot.

But recently–as I suspect you all know by now–something amazing happened. Something big. This didn’t just affect me, but the whole world. A move that gave me a reason to hope, to dream… to live again. The loss that I had suffered, was now erased, and replaced by something more stable. Something beautiful, and inspiring.

Of course this loss and subsequent inspiration that I’m talking about is the death of Scrabulous and its recent rebirth as Lexulous.

I have a reason to live again. Praise Thor, god of thunder and wordplay! I think that’s right, isn’t it?

Bonus Post: Obsessive Dork Wastes Time

I’ve been seeing a lot of anime/manga-esque avatars on the internets recently, and Jodi kindly informed me that they were generated at FaceYourManga.com.

I made an avatar that resembled me fairly well, but felt the need to waste further time by customizing it even more. A few quick google image searches, some cheap Photoshop tricks, and voila:

Still feeling that time needed to be wasted, I slapped together a quick diagram showing the base elements I used to mod my avatar, and pointing out some of the smaller cosmetic changes I made:

click above for larger view

As a bonus, here’s an avatar I created a few months ago, through the Photobucket/Meez website:

This is basically exactly how I spend my weekends–chillin’ out during a nuclear holocaust, with a dragon hatchling on my shoulder, a ray gun in hand, and a devil-may-care grin on my face. Basically.

What’s wrong with me?

(That’s a rhetorical question.)

Our Numbers Are Many

Some highlights and lowlights from Comic-Con (you decide which are which):

  • I saw Stan Lee almost die on an escalator–some guy got his messenger bag tangled up in the railing and almost took out everyone behind him, with Stan being the first in line. After the crowd helped Stan clear the obstacle and get to his feet, he blurted, “What was that?!” in his Stan Lee voice. Surreal.
  • I saw Riker and La Forge walking the convention floor, without security and unharassed by the nerdy masses. What has transpired in the world of geekdom that these demigods can traverse freely? Should not these heroes be lavished with geeky worship? Hast thou forgotten Gargoyles? Reading Rainbow? To say nothing of ST:TNG?!? For shame, ye ungrateful dorks. Thou hast forsaken thou nerdy roots! Repent! Repent, lest repeats of classic sci-fi shows be replaced by blighted, hateful sports highlights! REPENT!
  • Whilst working the booth for the day job, a kid ran up, saw the comics and exclaimed, “grab everything in sight!” Thankfully, his mother was accquainted with the modern system of exchanging goods for money, and restrained him immediately.

Lastly, I discovered that nerdy Asian guys with mohawks are a dime a dozen at Comic-Con. In aisles crowded with cosplayers, action figure collectors, fanfic writers, and miscellaneous dweebs, I would encounter my dopplegangers… each time we would lock gazes, and time seemed to stand still. Sizing up each other’s mohawks, a hypothetical battle would be waged in the deadly electric path betwixt our steely eyes. In another time and place, under different circumstances we might have been friends, but here and now, we were fated to be enemies. There would be no conflict yet–the pact of the immortal mohawk forbade endangering the lives of mortal nerds. But soon… soon, our destinies would be fulfilled, for there can be only one.

Sorry, sometimes I lose my damn mind. Comic-Con will do that to you.