Bonus Post: Obsessive Dork Wastes Time

I’ve been seeing a lot of anime/manga-esque avatars on the internets recently, and Jodi kindly informed me that they were generated at

I made an avatar that resembled me fairly well, but felt the need to waste further time by customizing it even more. A few quick google image searches, some cheap Photoshop tricks, and voila:

Still feeling that time needed to be wasted, I slapped together a quick diagram showing the base elements I used to mod my avatar, and pointing out some of the smaller cosmetic changes I made:

click above for larger view

As a bonus, here’s an avatar I created a few months ago, through the Photobucket/Meez website:

This is basically exactly how I spend my weekends–chillin’ out during a nuclear holocaust, with a dragon hatchling on my shoulder, a ray gun in hand, and a devil-may-care grin on my face. Basically.

What’s wrong with me?

(That’s a rhetorical question.)

3 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Obsessive Dork Wastes Time

  1. Jodi says:

    Awesome! Dorks unite! Since I lack the might Photoshop skillz, Ren customized mine, complete with hamtaro hat!

  2. justJENN says:

    Ha. That’s my problem with those things. They don’t look real enough I’d rather draw my own. But now they are EVERYWHERE. And I’m starting to get annoyed. Yours is the best tho. ;)

  3. Hiding in Asia says:

    You blew off a chance to buy houseplants, toy dinosaurs, and IKEA wares with me for THIS?!?!??!


    I concede though- it DOES look pretty badass…

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