Conjoined Blog Post

I asked Jacob (color/lighting guru, and longtime crony) for some critique on one of my pieces, and he obliged, with a quick Photoshop overlay:

click above for larger view

My original is on the left–and you can see how flat it looks in comparison to Jacob’s fix on the right. He didn’t make any huge changes, but the results are pretty dramatic.

Anyways, Jacob and I got to talking, and we decided that we’d both try our hand at coloring the same piece of art (line art provided by me), for a little joint blog action. The subject is Bowser:

My version; click above for larger view

Jacob’s version; click above to see the full-size version on his blog

I think both versions turned out well, but something about Jacob’s colors really make my line art sing. Check out Jacob’s blog to see more of his excellent art… DO EET!

2 thoughts on “Conjoined Blog Post

  1. helintheworld says:

    Now if you and Jacob can sing together in the form of a COG comic…

    Just SAYIN’…

  2. Rick Reese says:

    Jason, I miss having times, any sort of times with you. I’m rudderless without your wit.

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