Work smarter, not harder!

This was drawn as a gift for my pal Josh, but I wanted to try something a little different from what I usually do. I don’t ink with a brush pen all that often, and I almost never draw profile views or stick strictly to black & white/gray tones. The pose and posh attitude are, of course, influenced by the New Yorker’s mascot. Overall, I think it works?

(The title of this post is my and Josh’s favorite Scrooge quote from Ducktales. It’s a pretty good piece of advice too!)


On very rare occasions, I can be coaxed into providing artistic favors! It helps if it’s something I want to draw!

I have probably seen every episode of I Love Lucy… at least 5 times? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was closer to 10. *FLEX*

Finn the Prime and Jake the ‘Bee!

My twitter pal (and talented wordsmith) @DelilahSDawson asked for my help coming up with a Christmas present for her husband (also my twitter pal & fellow Transformer fanatic) @DocKrog. When she told me the concept, ADVENTURE PRIME, I was all, “WHAAAAAT”

Here’s what I came up with:


This was such a fun concept to flesh out, and a surprisingly fitting mash-up. Plus I got to try out the new WHITE pen I bought at the J-market/stationary store. I used it for the highlights on Jake’s arm/hand and for the Autobot symbol on Finn’s arm.

Fun fact: I no longer know how to end blog posts.


Draw… SOMETHING (X-mas edition)

click above for larger view

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! This is my final Draw Something post… unless I start playing again.

But don’t bail on me just yet! I’ll be posting plenty of ROBUST drawings over the next two-plus weeks. Expect a ‘real’ Christmas post early next week, more UNICORNS (like these), plus other assorted nerdery, as you might expect from me.

Draw… SOMETHING (my favorite edition)

Of the many Draw Somethings I produced, this is my favorite.

BY THE WAY, for those who care, I am well aware that these Draw Something frivolities are, at best, ‘lite’ content. More robust posts are on the way! And by “on the way” I mean, like, actually finished and scanned! Stay tuned!

Nekomimi Kunoichi

Here I present a gothy, zaftig, nekomimi kunoichi, dressed in what I would describe as Miami Vice Decepticon colors, and armed with a guan dao (not quite a naginata), shuriken, and bombs:

click above for larger view


Now, if you aren’t down with a gothy, zaftig, nekomimi kunoichi, dressed in Miami Vice Decepticon colors, and armed with a guan dao (not quite a naginata), shuriken, and bombs… well I don’t even know what you’re doing here.

Side note: I apologize for the huge URL, it’s actually there to balance out the composition, because I wouldn’t, you know, think about composition before hand. WHO DOES THAT???

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s high time I started a band called Miami Vice Decepticon.

*air guitar riff*


I took a trip to Portland a few weeks ago, and sat next to a really friendly couple on the plane. I drew this Captain America sketch for their son. They asked me to, I don’t just force sketches on strangers when I’m on a plane!


(Posted this on Instagram, but thought I’d put it up here too, just for archive purposes and all of that.)

Shameless plug! Comikaze this weekend!

Here’s a poster that I penciled for work (inks by Mike Rote, colors by Nathan Kane, and type/design by Serban Cristescu):

 photo bongocomikazeposterweb_zps4bb29b13.jpg

It’ll be available at the Bongo Comics booth, this weekend at Comikaze! Get ‘em while they’re hot! I’ll be there on Saturday, you might catch me at the booth!

And here’s a look at some of my rough sketches that lead up to the final product:

I post this type of work-stuff on Instagram semi-regularly, so follow me if you want to see more! Do NOT follow me if you don’t want to see Instagrams of action figures, food, and cats.

R.I.P. Lou Scheimer

Two weeks ago, Lou Scheimer, best known as the architect of the He-Man and She-Ra cartoons, passed away.

In the wake of his passing, there was an outpouring of love on the internet, for the man and his work. Here are a few of my favorite blog posts about the matter:

Belated, but no less sincere, here’s my own offering for the man whose work inspired a lot of kids’ imaginations, including my own:

click above for larger view

Thank you for everything, Lou!